If you had a choice of getting one bag as Vday gift?

  1. Okay, it's Valentine's Day.

    Say your husband or significant other (if you don't have one, you have a virtual one, just pretend :biggrin:) said you could pick one out for Vday gift, what would it be specifically? I already got mine, so I get to pretend I never got it and keep dreaming...:love:

    I just want MJ to call me and tell me the Black stam is ready and on the way. I don't want anything else for now.
  2. white fendi spy at the moment. maybe something chanel. i dunno, hard to say!
  3. does price matter?

    i'd get either a Saleya or maybe a Chanel cambon bag...
  4. Chocolate Guccissima leather bucket tote by Gucci, of course.

    I wish...
  5. Easy.. black croc birkin. Even if the relationship doesn't last, the bag will.. and you can always sell it for lots of $$$ ! ;)
  6. Haha~~~ I love your response Ayla. :biggrin: And so true.
  7. I'm with you Bella1. Stam, please.
  8. LOL :P i second that!
  9. I want something from Chanel in color tan.
  10. I'm with ayla, too! After all, this is a fantasy...
  11. Chanel 2.55 Reissue in grey :love:
  12. Cristina,

    Ok..maybe it wasn't the black stam, I'd want the same-Chanel Reissue in Grey. :shame: I did see the bigger sized one at Saks 5th in NYC Chanel store. The grey reissue one... (this was yesterday evening when they were closing)
  13. Probably a Chanel flap bag or LV luggage.
  14. A Balenciaga Rouge First. :love:
  15. Same here:shame: !