If you had a choice...black or khaki?

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Black or Khaki?

  1. Black

  2. Khaki

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm currently pretty close to getting a black baby cabas but there is a small chance that I might be able to get the khaki. I'd be thrilled with either but don't want to have any regrets. I just can't decide which I like better. Feedback anyone? Thanks in advance! I've never done a poll before, so I hope this works...
  2. you can never go wrong with a black chanel bag, NEVER. Black!!!
  3. I voted black for the same reason as sbhunz...
  4. Black!!
  5. Khaki!! This is such a fun bag and nice to get in a different color especially if you have a black bag already! :smile:
  6. Love the khaki!! just a matter of getting your hands on one..
  7. 4 to 4...thanks for the help guys...NOT! Just kidding, I really appreciate all your feedback. This will be my first Chanel, so I'm leaning a bit towards the black...but then I see pics of the khaki and I start to wobble that way!
  8. i voted for khaki because i love metallic bags!! the color is gorgeous and not too flashy
  9. I like this particular Chanel in Khaki better :yes:
  10. I voted for khaki but only because I have four black Chanel bags. You can't go wrong with a black bag and if your wardrobe is lacking for one definitely go with black. But if you wear a lot of black and brown clothing the khaki would be a nice contrast.
  11. I voted for black b/c it's classy and extremely versatile!
  12. I was having this exact same question in my mind today as I see both bags at SCP chanel.....the black was available for me to buy if I wish and the bronze is someone else's bag (I am down on the list)....The SA 1st showed me the black one, and I thought, nice but this bag in black is like "just another big black bag." Doesn't stand out, doesn't give me that "wow" feeling.

    Then the SA shows me the bronze one she's holding for someone, and I was like "wow, I do like the bronze more, not too shiny, looks almost like brown but it stands out in the crowd." Since it is not a shiny metallic bag it actually goes with lots of colors, just like a brown color bag.

    Another thing is personally I am not too into the distressed leather, on the other hand, the bronze one has a subtle metallic sheen on it. Such a unique color yet it is not tacky or cheesy or too much. Def. love the bronze more! By the way, this exact same bronze color/leather is also used in the newest lux bags. I also tried on the new bronze lux flap today, real nice.
  13. Thanks again! Damn...swinging to khaki now...
  14. Are you on waitlists for both bags? Have you seen them in person? With the bronze one you really need to see it IRL coz some of the pics I have seen are not showing the true color. Also these 2 colors have different chains - the black has the normal classic silver chain strap with leather woven inside, but the bronze has leather woven around the chain. So maybe you prefer one chain over another?? Personally I am fine with either chain design.
  15. black