If you had a choice bewteen these 5 bags

  1. which would you choose??? I would really appreciate your opinions. The reason I am asking is because I like all of them but I can only choose one. My wonderful bf went into the Chanel boutique at Neiman's the other day and was there looking for a bag (for my Birthday) and he narrowed it down to about 5 bags he thought I might like and he told me to pick out a bag that I liked the most. He made the list himself... I think he did pretty good. :biggrin:

    1. Jumbo classic w/ new chain $2250
    2. Modern chain hobo $2495
    3. Modern chain tote $2750
    4. Heavy chain hobo $1950
    5. Heavy chain flap over $1850

    I am undecisive right now and I don't necessarily want to buy the most expensive one (although my bf told me not to worry about price) I am leaning towards either the jumbo classic, modern chain tote or hobo. Which do you all like? Your input is greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. jumbo with new chain!

    sorry i don't like modern chain cause the logos are too huge! and i don't know how the heavy chain looks like hehe xoxo
  3. is this your first chanel??? If yes, I vote JUMBO! and happy birthday! :drinks:
  4. Vote 4 No.1!!!!
  5. You have to tell us more!

    Do you like flaps or totes? Do you prefer to lug a ton of stuff around with you? Do you like your bags to be mushy and soft or harder and structured and able to stand on their own?
  6. If you don't mind my asking, what bags do you currently own? Proceed from there and go for the one that you LOVE and will use for a long time (because you'd want to keep it for sentimental reasons, I'd think). Note of caution - those heavy chains can be well, heavy to lug around especially if you intend to stuff the bag. Personally I love the jumbo classic and would vote for that.
  7. Jumbo! Happy Birthday!
  8. jumbo classic! you have a wonderful bf and happy birthday!
  9. If this is your first Chanel, then pick jumbo. Otherwise, go for MC tote. Happy Birthday.:balloon:
  10. I say Jumbo too....I have 2.....black & white.....love 'em!
  11. Jumbo with New Chain !!
  12. my vote is for jumbo only b/c the other choices might get a little heavy. they're all gorgeous though.
  13. it has gotta be JUMBO JUMBO JUMBO hands downnnnnn!! :heart::heart:
  14. Another Jumbo vote here :biggrin:

    would be such an amazing first Chanel !
  15. I vote for the jumbo! :tup: