If you had a choice between...


If you had to choose between...

  1. black flat brass first with long strap

  2. black '03 first with long strap

  3. I don't like either bag.

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  1. a black flat brass first and a black '03 first with the silver hardware and both had the long straps, which would you choose?

    I've been daydreaming that wonderful scenario and wondering what to do!
  2. LOL - mas!! Great question! I thought about this question a LOT about a month or two ago.

    In the end - I picked 03 black first with pewter hardware. I love how the pewter hardware really pops in contrast with the black leather.

    I still dream about a FBF.. but figure I can't get it now since it's too similar to the black first right?

    Good luck with your decision L!! I'll be excited to see what you decide on! :graucho:
  3. I'd choose the flat brass if you can get it with that lovely pebbled leather. If not, I'd probably go with the silver '03. I have the silver hardware from that year on my white First and it's such a nice change from the brass on newer bags. :smile:
  4. simple for me, i definitely go for flat brass first with longer strap as it always one of my top wishlist....:smile:
  5. I asked myself that exact same question a month ago and I still have no idea. Meanwhile three '03 blk pewter hw Firsts went up on eBay and I didn't take the plunge because of it... I'm such an idiot! I'm sorry I can't contribute to your poll but I'm definitely experiencing the same indecision! ;)
  6. Definitely flat brass, since I have one.

    Besides, I'm not too fond of the pewter hardware anyway....when Balenciaga switched to pewter on 03 from brass that they had done before, I wished they'd change it back to brass.... I think brass is cooler and more vintage-y.
  7. I don't like pebbled leather, so I prefer the leather on the pewter hardware bag.
  8. Definitely flat brass first.
  9. Flat Brass for me without a doubt :yes: :heart:
  10. Black 03 all the way because it's on his way thanks to percephonie:yahoo:
  11. Black '03 First w/Silver hardware. I have an '03 Black First w/Silver (not long strap though) and it is really and truly my favourite!!
  12. Flat brass, because the first is just a little too small for me, and the fb ones are a tad bit bigger, so I think it would suit my frame better. Plus, the fbs are a piece of history.
  13. My vote goes definitely with the flat brass first :drool: :heart: :p
  14. Neither, but only because I don't wear any black.
  15. Flat Brass for sure because I like the size and the unique look of the hardware compared to current. I adore mine...and I love the leather, so soft and smooth:love: