If you had a chance to wear a bikini in a movie...would you do it?

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  1. Lets say that its a Hollywood movie with a couple of famous actors/actresses. Would you do it?

    I'm contemplating this, but I'm afraid that it will bite me in the butt in the future if I were to be a professional. I'm still young and I'm a college student at the moment. Its only a scene in the movie, but I'm not that comfortable with my body. My friends say that I look fine though. What do you all think?
  2. I say if you are comfortable then go for it. If not, don't :smile:
  3. Do you think that this move would make it bad for my professional future?
  4. Not unless you will be naked... then I would say don't do it. What are you wanting to do in the future?

    Would you look down on someone else for doing it?
  5. I would do it. If I'm getting paid as an extra & I get to mingle with the stars, I'd totally do it.

    But then, I live in Hawaii and I'm at the beach a lot during the summer. I hate one pieces & only wear bikinis. That means I occasionally run into people from my professional life who normally would see me fully clothed....
  6. If it's only a scene I don't see why not. I don't think they would ask you to do it if your body wasn't up to par? I don't see why it would hurt you for future parts
  7. I would do it!! :nuts:
  8. Why not? It's a bikini, almost everyone wears or has worn one before. Sounds like it'd be a fun experience, too.
  9. Hell yea! You only live once grab this chance and have a ball :woohoo:
  10. would you have any lines? is the movie going to be tasteful?

    It can't effect you that bad in the future, so go for it!
  11. Is it a scene with George Clooney?! :nuts: Hell yes! :greengrin:
  12. For the most part it sounds fine. I mean, if the movie is bound to be bad and you are going to be wearing a bikini and a bunny tail and all your lines are double entendres and you want to be a lawyer, then maybe no. But in general wearing a bikini doesn't really carry a stigma. I think the issue with bikinis in facebook pictures, for example, is really that those are the pictures you are choosing to represent yourself publicly. In a movie, there's more context, and there's not as much of a concern that everyone and their mother will be able to find it on google. I guess try not to be credited as "bikini girl."
  13. Yes. Go for it!
    I agree with the others, It won't hurt you in the future, as long as a certain line isn't crossed.
  14. why not? We wear bikini's in a movie.

    is your name going to be in the credits?
  15. It seems the majority vote is a yes. The girl in the bikini is definitely a viewed as a total "sex symbol", so I'm not sure if I should do it.

    And... my who knows what could be in my professional future. I might be a teacher, professor, researcher, office professional, etc... I still haven't found out what I'll be doing once I graduate college. Do you ladies still think that its a good idea?