If you had a chance to do it again...

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  1. ...would you pick the same color/style or something else? If so, what would you give up and what would you get?

    I might have the opportunity to exchange my Anthra City SGH for something else (very slight chance though) so I was thinking about getting a Black First. I don't carry too much stuff in my bag and I don't have an everyday black bag right now so I thought I'd try it.
  2. If I had a chance to do it over, I wouldn't have purchased so many "safe" colors in the beginning. IMO, a black First is basic, whereas Antrha SGH, has more fab appeal.
  3. If I had the chance to do it again. I would stay away from bright colors:smile:
  4. Uh-OH does that mean my Magenta is going to be hard to wear?

    If I had an anthra City with SGH I would be doing a happy dance!!!
  5. I would get my tomato first in a city (same thing for my sapphire first, would get a city instead).

    Also, I wouldn't walk past that awesome electric turquoise city at Barney's and think whatever....
  6. I wouldnt have sold my 05 Black City or EB RH City. Damn it.
  7. I wish I could start my bal collection from 2004... I wish I could get a black city with GGH...
  8. OMG, I would want to do the same! Also, I won't get the the two or three bags I did at first and then had to end up selling them.

    Btw, I would love an 08 Anthra SGH City. Are you sure you have to let it go?
  9. If I could do it all over again I never would have discovered Bal! I only have 2, but want more and can't stop obsessing over the brand. Alas, buying more right now would make my credit card melt so all I can do is drool over everyone else's fabulous bags...
  10. Okay, you guys are making me think I should just keep the Anthra AND get a black First! Or, if I see a Sanguine First which is totally saturated and dark, I might get that and satisfy my craving for a colored bag.

    Thank you for validating my wishy-washiness...I thought I was the only one (of course, I'm probably much worse than you all...I can't seem to decide what I want and just be happy with one bag for awhile!)
  11. No regrets ;)
  12. I would have chosen SGH over RH :sad:
  13. I think that's a great idea. The Anthra is gorgeous! And a First will have a different use altogether.

    Btw, you're talking to miss wishy washy here too. Only when it comes to Bals. I don't know why??!!
  14. The only thing I would change is getting a Ruby WE instead of a Ruby City (thanks beaux) :P
  15. ^^:tup::graucho::heart: