If you had a $375 AE credit, what bag would you get?

  1. I returned a bag I bought on sale to ActiveEndeavors.com, and since they don't do refunds for sale items, I now have a credit for $375. While part of me says I should wait till the spring bags come out before using it, the nagging part of me says buy something! I hate that there is money spent with no return.

    So, if it were you, what bag would you get?
  2. Oh goodness! I would definitely take a look at RM and Botkier!

  3. Amen to that! :tup:
  4. ITA. They also carry Gryson; take a look at those.
  5. Gift cards and store credits always burn a hole in my wallet too. I'm guessing that you've already taken a look at the site and there's nothing that's calling your name; if that's the case, don't settle for something that's you like just to have something now, wait for something you LOVE to come along! If you haven't looked at their current stock, however, I thinkt he brands already suggested are great - they're some of my faves.
  6. ^^^Yes, you are right! There are some that I'm interested in, but aren't MUST HAVES.

    I just wish they would hurry up and bring out the spring bags! I almost ordered the Hayden Harnett Mosaique Hobo in Grey, but then saw that it is on sale for $260 on the HH website, which is a way better price than AE's even with a discount code.

    I also have been eyeing the Rebecca Minkoff Studded Morning After Bag in Night Blue. The leather looks so supple, but I already have one Morning After in wine, and a number of other RM bags, and I feel I need to have more variety. Also, I'm just not sure if those studs are for me.

    So, I know I should probably wait. But my question really is, if it were you, are there any bags at AE that have been screaming your name?
  7. Isn't it funny how when you're broke you see things everywhere that you love, but when you have $ to spend (in this case, a store credit), there's nothing?!

    OK, maybe not nothing. I checked out the site and I have to say I'd get the exact RM bag you're talking about. I bought this bag but had to return it (not my choice), so I'd jump at the chance to have it again. Believe me, that night blue leather is truly, truly, TRULY TDF!!! Before I saw that bag I wasn't a huge RM fan but this one really did it for me.
  8. Okay balihai88, I almost pulled the trigger and bought the RM Night Blue MAB. But then I noticed that there were some new Kooba's listed.

    Specifically, the Kooba Micki in Cream is really pulling my heart strings...
  9. Like it has been suggested, I would wait until you see something that you must have. Until than, I would keep browsing until the perfect bag jumps out at you. That way you'll be more satisfied. Have fun deciding and let us know what you get. :smile: