If you had $700 to spend...

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  1. What would you get!? I am mostly likely going to choose a bracelet. I don't change my diamond studs at all, and don't wear necklaces often (unless they are long)...I LOVE the Tiffany T square bracelet, but it's out of budget (though I could save). I am eyeing the following bracelets as well:

    Narrow circle edge with rubedo ends
    Elongated teardrop bangle
    Atlas narrow bangle
    Tiffany locks narrow bangle with diamond
    Somerset (mesh) narrow bangle
    Enchant narrow bangle (though currently out of stock in my size)
    Tiffany infinity bangle (though doesn't come in small)

    Any advice??

    Also, DH always orders online, does anyone know if most stores carry the small in most bangles in order to try on?

    Thanks for the advice! I received the gift card for a very special anniversary, so I want it to be a special piece.
  2. I vote Infinity Bangle rose gold with silver. I believe it's 700? I have that and it stacks well and can we worn alone. Mine is a S

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  3. Oh that one is pretty!! Does it come on/off easily? I'm a little concerned about it slipping off easily.
  4. It's not with the S. Unless you have super super tiny wrists

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  5. Thanks! My wrist is a hair under 6"
  6. It looks like it's the right size for you😉

    I'm not sure what my wrist size is but the S fits so i guess yours would too

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  7. I appreciate the feedback, thank you! I'm sort of toying with the idea of a DBTY necklace....hmmmmm
  8. I'm also considering a DBTY necklace if anyone has feedback!
  9. Dbty necklace or the narrow atlas bangle!

    I think both would be a great investment and staple piece from Tiffany that you will enjoy for years to come.
  10. I agree DBTY or the Altas bracelet. I love the Atlas collection almost as much as I love DBTY.
  11. I ended up with...DBTY necklace! YG .14! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460429796.073392.jpg
  12. Looks beautiful on you! And the diamond looks bigger than .14! Congratulations :smile:
  13. Thank you!!! The diamond certainly looks bigger. It's so sparkly!
  14. The mini gold key! :smile: I'd wear it on a gold chain I already own.