if you had $700 to spend, what would you buy??

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  1. So awhile back I had $2000 to spend and even though it was sacriligious, I spent $1300 on some Gucci stuff. So now I have $700 left over and I have no idea what to get.

    I have mono french purse wallet and coussin.

    I was thinking of getting a pochette and a cles but now I kinda like the damier illovo pm but then I would NEED a matching wallet.

    So what would you buy??
  2. i think it's ok to mix and match damier and mono together... you don't necessarily need to get a matching wallet with a purse from the same line. but if you really want to get the bag, how about adding a damier cles? that'll bring the total to a little over $700, though.
  3. denim mini pleaty OR speedy 25 or 30 OR papillion 36 or 30 OR vernis reade.
  4. Roxbury.. hehe - I'm projecting
  5. I think you can mix and match whatever patterns you want..I'd go for maybe one of these:
    $750- Popincourt

    $705- Musette Tango

    $635- Batignolles

    $785- Lockit
  6. A speedy ! I love it ! If you already have one, how about a BH?
  7. 2 inclusion PM bracelets (clear and pomme) orrrrrr a pomme GM inclusion braclet and matching pomme inclusion ring. :yes:
  8. I would get a Speedy 30 if I were you, and you would still have money saved over. The Speedy is a great bag to have for everyday and will always be a classic. But I would try searching eLuxury to get some ideas.
  9. Or, get the Illovo and get one of these wallets:

    $315- Koala Change Purse

    $255- Ludlow

    $270- 6 Card Billfold
  10. I love lockit...but if I have $700 to spend now, I will choose Azur speedy:yes:
  11. If I had $700 right now, I'd get the Pomme Reade PM or a much needed MC wallet
  12. Damier Speedy 25 or 30 and pomme cles :smile:
  13. Maybe a pap. Or something small in pomme. Or perhaps another speedy..
  14. a bh!
  15. Since you're looking at the Damier, get speedy 30 and the accessories pouch that comes with the damier marais. It is the same shape as the mini and larger accessories pochettes, but it is inbetween those two sizes. It's $140.

    If I had $700...I'd probably get the Azur speedy 30 and another vernis cles.