If you had $500...

  1. Which bag would you buy? For me that's a lot of money, so I'm looking for something classic (but no Coach or Dooney!)

    Right now I am loving this Dutchy bag on eBay and if I buy it, my budget goes down to $400 :sad:
    Dutchy detail.jpg
  2. maybe look for a MJ at an outlet? :smile:
  3. Agreed! That's a great idea. Try Last Call Neiman Marcus, they always have quite a lot.

    Also, i don't know if you're into LV or not but a Speedy is around 600 i believe.. but i'd go with Marc Jacobs, he's great AND it's all leather :smile:
  4. MJ is a great idea!!! I've never heard of last call Neiman Marcus...do tell!
  5. i was gonna suggest a speedy too. it's only 580 & would be a great classic bag for everyday.
  6. Last Call is just like an Off Saks.. it's a discount center where all last year's leftover's are sold at lower prices.
  7. I'd put it towards a Balenciaga...I'd just have to save the rest...but the 500 will make it easier :smile:
  8. A classic & authentic chanel handbag in ebay, recommended by some experts over here!
  9. Another Vote for the Speedy.Or also the Gucci 'new britt' medium hobo is $550
  10. I love that white chanel bag on ebay...I like this one too, but you guys have really good ideas!
    Dutchy side.jpg
  11. *siiiiiigh* There are some Dooney bags that I've been eyeballing for awhile now...
  12. Hmm...I'm really into the classics right now. I'd probably take that $500 and put it towards an LV Cabas Piano. Not sure if I'd buy a brand new one, only cuz I can't stand the light vachetta.
  13. Go for LV Speedy, it goes with every outfit, it's practical bag.
  14. *eyeballs dooneys* it's a shame they're looked over. 500 bucks? go with a kooba if you can manage it! i've seen some DELICIOUS kooba bags.

    i'm a diehard dooney and coach fan but i'm sure i'll be converted eventually. Tod's too, dont' forget Tod's.