If you had £500 burning a hole in your pocket........

  1. would you spend it on

    1) new mulberry purchase?:graucho:
    2) romantic weekend away with your other half?:love:
    3)something sensible??? (ie mortgage payment, house repairs):wtf:

    and no i haven't got £500 burning a hole in my pocket so it's hypothetical!!!!
  2. Toughie. Ooooo right now (Winter blues) I would be tied between getting a Mulberry and booking myself into a spa for the w/e.
  3. If I had £500 spare cash, I would go for B weekend away with hubby and then while we were away having a golly good time I would make sure that I took him into a Mulberry shop.
    How could he say no....
  4. Oooooh tricky!
    Being totally irresponsible & Gemini, it def wouldn't be going on the mortgage!!
    If it were joint money then I'd probably use it to get away to France for a romantic weekend a deux.
    If it were my money, definitely Mulberry!

    Jo - what are you on, you keep coming up with such fab threads!!
  5. :shame: Not on anything- just bored!!!!!:lol:
  6. Think my answer would be weekend away at the moment!!! mainly because there aren't any Mulberries I'm majorly lusting over!!! (and all the finances are joint so I always feel guilty about my purchases!!)
  7. I would go for the weekend away. House repairs...no way!
  8. Why would you feel guilty when you work too Jo? I would only feel guilty if I was a stay at home housewife with no work and no kids.
  9. I would go away for the weekend in the Cotswolds, pop into Bicester whilst we're there and treat myself to something!

  10. If I were in the UK, that's what I would do!!
    Seriously, I think I would put it towards my next vacation.
    I am soo boring!:p
  11. Think it's just spending money on something that's just for me, not for us !!!:shrugs:
  12. You are too good Jo. I have been thinking for a while now that women should get paid more than men for comparable jobs,because we have much higher overheads...make-up,bags, clothes, shoes and boots etc,etc.My DH readily accepts that I should spend more on clothes than him and is delighted when I look well.
  13. My Dh doesn't really understand the bag thing so that doesn't help with the guilt!!!
  14. My DH has had to learn to understand that I will ALWAYS spend more than him!
  15. ^^^I think that men just look at things differently to us...well some of them.
    If I spend £600 on a bag well thats just stupid..but if DH spends £600 on a football season ticket..thats grand!!!

    If I spend £400 on gym membership thats ..silly if Dh spends £500 on golf membership..well thats super....