If You Had $4000 to Spend...

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  1. Which option would you choose? Each one costs roughly 4k.

    Option #1: Chanel GST + 1 wallet or pair of shoes
    Option #2: Louis Vuitton Alma BB + Givenchy Antigona
    Option #3: Lady Dior bag (medium)
    Option #4: Chanel Boy bag

    Would love to hear everyone's opinions!!
  2. The Chanel Boy! Love that bag, it's pretty special :biggrin:
    The Alma BB/Antigona combo is pretty tempting too though :P
  3. Option two for me. I would so love those bags. The Chanel and shoes...well, as much as the Chanel is a dream purchase, and I do try to buy pretty shoes, the fact is that I have a bunion the size of Mount Everest on my right big toe, so I would never spend major bucks for a pair. Nope the Alma and the Antigona for me. And, as long as I'm in this fantasy mode, if I had an extra 25 grand or so, I'd take an Hermes Kelly.

    Say, anybody got a spare $25,000?
  4. Oh my gosh. Hard question....Either the Lady Dior or the Chanel Boy. I'm in LOVE WITH BOTH!!!!!!!
  5. rotfl!!!
  6. Hi CoachCruiser!! I have a question for you: would you wear both bags equally as much if you had both or would one get more use? I wonder because I love the LD but am wondering how I would actually wear it. Thanks!
  7. I know... One bag or two for the price of one?! I think the Alma BB and givenchy would be so practical!!
  8. I would go for option one.
  9. Option 2 for me! More variety.
  10. Hi nycmamaofone! I would choose LD for myself. As you know, I'm into Chanel but only have one Dior in my collection so far so that would diversify my collection. I'm not into the GST and don't need another boy. The LV alma BB is super cute but I already have an antigona so I don't think I need another one. Are you trying to decide on a bag for yourself or is this a hypothetical question? Because what I want for myself is based on what I already have so that won't necessarily fit with what's best for you and your needs and how the bag would fit into your collection...
  11. Hi Poohbag! I guess it's a combo of both--I'm trying to figure out my bag purchases for the next couple of years and I also want to hear what other ladies would choose in a similar situation. I didn't know you had the Antigona! How do you like it? I was thinking about getting it for a work bag, but if I do, I don't think I could also get the LD. Choices, choices. I guess to be honest I am leaning towards either the LD or the Alma BB/Givenchy option. Part of me loves the idea of two for the price of one and that both would be very functional; however I love the classic appeal of the LD.
  12. Hehe my friend I think you and I have very similar tastes and lifestyles! We should go shopping together sometime! :lol: Yes, I have a small gray croc embossed Antigona and I love it! It's a perfect work bag for me---lightweight, holds a lot, a little different, feels luxe to me yet doesn't scream designer to everyone else. The Alma BB would be great for me too on the weekends as a casual bag with the kids! I chose LD here since it's such a gorgeous classic and it would be wonderful to add to my collection if I have an extra 4K to burn! In reality, I don't know how practical it would be for me and therefore, I have not gotten one... Have you considered the Diorissimo?
  13. I was surprised to read your comment about the Antigona being lightweight. I also have a small croc embossed Antigona and it's the heaviest bag that I own! :lol:
  14. Haha really!? I guess it's all relative! :lol: My other work bags are medium YSL chyc, giant 21 hw bal city and velo, medium diorrissimo, micro luggage... I guess I'm used to some heft and the Antigona does feel light to me! :P
  15. Hmm...I think I would definitely wear them both equally, as either daily or night bags....How big a Chanel Boy would you be able to get for around $4000? (If it's the small Boy, as opposed to the medium size, then I'd seriously think about getting the Lady Dior...)

    I really love both bags......but the Lady Dior...Wow...It's so amazing and can dress an outfit up or down. I LOVE the Boy, but the Lady Dior screams elegance and it's so ICONIC....the lambskin is sumptuous, and the patent leather is gorgeous, too. I love the crossbody strap it comes with -- so it could be worn casually with jeans.......or would dress up a beautiful evening outfit.

    Please tell us what you decide on!