If you had $3000 to spend...

  1. on any bag you wanted from Saks Fitfh Avenue which would you buy ? I just cashed in 3 grand in Amex points for Saks money and I want to buy a bag or two and turn them into cash . I don't think I can use them on LV but thats it . I also plan on giving the buyer a gift reciept so they could actually trade or return the bag to Saks if they wanted , which I think is a pretty sweet deal .

    So , any suggestions ? I'm leaning towards something from Chanel's Luxury Ligne right now , but not sure . I wish I could keep it for myself , but unfortunately I could use the cash....sigh .

    Any other tips for selling on e-bay would be appreciated . I usually just buy !
  2. you can go to the SELL button, and just follow the inctruction.
    good luck :P
  3. I would buy a classic chanel 2.55 in caviar leather, or a chanel cerf bag, or a fendi spy or..... and the list goes on :yes:
  4. Chanel luxe is the way to go! You're on the right track. Maybe the bowler? Or the flap?
  5. I'd get something from Chanel:yes:
  6. or I am loving the new Prada Gauffre Bag in Chocolate. Yummy.

    Its a nice dilemma to have, so happy shopping :biggrin:
  7. Can you sell the Saks card itself on Ebay? Or buy Saks giftcards to sell? Unless you have great Ebay feedback it might be hard to get close to retail on the bag.
  8. Well , I thought of that and my fiancee said he'd put it up . He owns his own auto parts business and they sell alot of things on e-bay , so he has over a thousand feedbacks and it is 99.9 positive . There was an issue with shipping with some customer or something like that , nothing major . He also sells some of his golf clubs and other misc. items , no purses though .

    I just got back from Saks and now I'm confused because my SA said there has been a problem with the new deerskin luxe bags that the color has been rubbing off them ! He said so far only the gold ones have been returned , but he doesn't see why it wouldn't happen with the other colors . They had a really cute silver hobo , lrg blk bowler , and the tote from spring in blk . There was this amazing python flap purse with a tassel in burg. . Has anyone seen this ? OMG , it's beautiful ! A lovely crocodile bag too , for a mere 12 grand .:wtf: :wtf: . LOL , it is beautiful , though .

    I thought about selling the card , but I don't know how well that would go over . I don't see people doing a search on that ? Maybe . I don't know .

    Oh , and the new Mademoiselles were lovely too . I liked the really big one with the flap that could double as a travel bag . They had quite a few of the caviar flaps too . Oh and the weathered calfskin shopper tote in chocolate was really nice ! I love the big rings ! It was the least expensive too .
  9. Chanel:love:
  10. I'd personally choose a Chanel bag, wallet and sunnies!
  11. If you COULD use it on LV, I'd get a Suhali. But you can't soooo..I'd go with a Chanel Luxury bag..not sure which color though. Or maybe 2 2.55's.
  12. I would get a Bottega Veneta bag. It's a great investment.
  13. Definitely a Chanel or Prada bag from the Fall collection
  14. Definetely Chanel. Preferably from the Lux line.
  15. Definately Chanel, something from the lux or vintage ligne but if you really want the cash instead I would try selling the card itself rather than purchasing bags and reselling them.