If you had 2K what bag would you get...

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  1. What bag in the 2K range would you buy? A classic or a bombastic trendy bag? What brands? Pics would be great if you have 'em...or do you already own a bag that fits the bill?
  2. If I had $2000, I would be over half way to buying this bag. LV Suhali Le Fabuleux
  3. Wow- that's a fabulous bag.
  4. a chanel. not sure type yet.
  5. I would probably buy TWO bags. I would probably get a city in french blue.

    And then maybe a Day? I'm not entirely sure. But I would definitely spend it on Balenciaga.
  6. Jimmy Choo Riki in black. It's not as big as the Ramona, so it's better for me.
  7. I love that French Blue, but a very close acquaintence has been talking about it for awhile, and I don't want to get the same thing.

    I already have a motorcycle in a watermelon color that I love.
  8. I was thinking Chanel too. I can't decide, though, on whether I would get a reissue bag or something more for day like a shopper or a trendier piece.
  9. I love this one- and in the Burgundy it's amazing! I was thinking of red, blue, or a white bag this time around.

    It's lined in watersnake skin- very cool.
  10. I'd put it towards my Birkin fund!
  11. LV L'Epanoui PM :heart:
  12. A Chanel Coco Cabas in Navy or black. HAD a bronze one and decided to return it.

    stupid, stupid, stupid!:crybaby:
  13. A Balenciaga Day and City. Probably Violet and Rouge or Plomb. So, I would actually buy two.
  14. Chanel Classic Flap...
  15. This Chanel bag in black...:heart::heart::heart:

    I think I'd have to add a couple hundred to the $2000, though.