If you had $2,500 ready to spend...

  1. would you buy one Chanel handbag or two..hmm..let's say..an LV and either MJ or other premier designer handbag? :rolleyes:
  2. depends on if I had one bag I really really wanted for $2500 or two I liked and could get for $2500.
  3. Um...I have no idea. Right now I don't really like any Chanel bags since I just got my white GST so I'd get an LV that I wanted. Except I'd have to cough up more cash in order to get it lol. That would be the Suhali Le Fabuleux in black for $3700.
  4. Chanel. =) It depends on the style as well.
  5. I would pick 2 LVs!
  6. I'd buy Chanel
  7. Ou, I wish I had.....
    I would buy a bag that I really wanted - even if it was all the $2500. If it was less I would rather buy nice accessories and/or a nice pair of shoes to go with it.

    But if I was to spend all the money I would only get something that would last me longer than just 1 season - no 'it' bags for me, rather something classic I would wear for a long time, so CHanel or LV would be a great choice (or BV)
  8. I would probably get LV, Le Talentueux in blue.
  9. would you buy one Chanel handbag !
  10. I'd probably buy a BV Ball bag.
  11. I would go for the Chanel, unless you absolutely adored something else, they are just so timeless. :smile:
  12. i would buy a Chanel reissue or a classic flap in caviar
  13. i will buy Hermes collier de chien cuff in orange, kelly double bracelet in orange, ano cuff & a vert anis carmen, all Hermes! will that still be in budget, lol?
  14. I would get a Jumbo Teal Flap that I have been lusting over.
  15. I would probably go searching in the Hermes vintage market for a black vintage kelly...