If you had $1850 AUD to spend what would you buy?

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  1. I've finally received a credit note from a long ongoing saga with my bag! Help me what would you buy? I feel like I've had my eye on so much I don't know where to start!
  2. Speedy B 30 or 25 if you want bag that you can use for travelling or daily, OR alma bb in epi leather if you want small bag. Have fun deciding :smile:
  3. What do you already own? I'd personally buy an Epi NF...or the Cluny. I want to add Epi leather next to my collection.
  4. If this were me, I'd probably go for an Empreinte Twice or Epi Alma BB...but I love small bags.
  5. I have a very small collection of a bolougne and a speedy 25 classic
  6. New Neverfull in Azur with rose pink interior 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️
  7. I have store credits 3900 from my empreinte speedy. I am considering to buy 2 bags or 1 bag+slgs:
    mini backpack
    Alma bb epi
    Neverfull MM
    Speedy b25 Mono
    Small leather goods

    I have speedy b25DE that is my fav LV bag.
  8. OOOOH I love these sort of questions. I live vicariously through them!

    In no particular order, these are what I would consider:

    Monogram Empreinte Leather Twice - AUD 1860
    Palm Springs Mini Backpack - AUD 1990
    Monogram Noe BB (I love the Noe) - AUD 1540
    Monogram Nano Palas - AUD 1470
    Epi Leather Nano Alma - AUD 1470
    Louise Clutch! - AUD 1900
    Adjustable Monogram Shoulder Strap (you can always use a strap, right?) - AUD 275/360 (i think depending on length or thickness)
    Neverful MM Sydney (has the pink V and the word "sydney") - AUD 1900

    THERE! And those are just the bags I would check on in store! (I haven't looked at SLGs or Bag Charms yet)

    You are in a nice spot! Like a kid in a candy store! Good luck!

  9. Thanks for all your suggestions!
    I'm actually considering being extremely boring and getting a Neverfull mm in either Damier ebene or monogram with rose ballerine or the hot pink interior.
    What do people think of these options?
  10. I would get a St Germain MM in Noir and pay any difference.

  11. Oh you can never go wrong with a Neverful!

    I would choose Neverful Monogram MM with pink interior - AUD 1630

    and with the remaining balance I would add either of these:

    Monogram Key Pouch - AUD 235

    Illustre Posies Bag Charm (Round monogram with a drawing of a trunk of pink flowers) - AUD 260

    LV Sphere Key Holder (so cute, purely a key chain/holder; not a bag charm) - AUD 215

    LV Circle Bag Charm (you need to add a bit but this is cute and pink and really nice) - AUD 390

    or an iPhone folio (case) with pink interior if you don't have one yet!
  12. I'd get another Delightful Pm in Azur with the pink interior (already have a mono) and a Sarah wallet, also in Azur.
  13. Go for neverfull mm mono! But i consider to choose cherry interior ;)
    Pink? Maybe easily dirty.

    Or just wait until april, what's LV collection will come out.

  14. The pink interior in the Azur is to die for [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]

  15. Omg the phone case! That's what I should as well!
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