If you had $1400, which one out of these two?

  1. Would you choose the Manhattan PM or the Multicolore Trouville? They're similar in size/shape/price, so which one would you choose and why? :smile:
  2. Trouville... I prefer MC over Mono and I like the shape better!
  3. I choose Manhatten...love that bag.
  4. Um... Your 2 choices are not my choices at all.

    Anyway, I do think same as GerGirl. I would go for a Trouville.

    PS: I am very boring with Normal LV monogram Canvas and never like it.
  5. the trouville (in black preferably). i think it's a smart looking piece that not too many people use. the manhattan pm (although i LOVE the shape/look of it) is a bit too common now. also, i think the trouville will be a great bag for spring/summer.
  6. I would choose (for you, not for me ;)), the MC trouville. I like the shape a lot, and on the manhattan, im not a big fan of the front pockets. Every trouville I have seen on eBay has aged well, even in the white MC.
  7. Definately the Trouville..I think its gorgeous! (in black!)
  8. MC trouville.
  9. im not really a mono fan, but id choose the manhatten PM. Its a beautiful, classy style, i always drool when i see one. I dont really like the trouville style though, but if your after something less common maybe go for that.
  10. WHite MC trouville!
  11. Manhattan!! I love mine and get a ton of complements!
  12. I would chose the Trouville...I used to have the Manhattan PM and wasn't all that impressed with it.
  13. I would go for the Manhattan. I was thinking about getting one a while back, but I'm on hold...
  14. manhattan
  15. trouville!!! i have one in black and when i first got it, i carried it all the time :smile: