If you had $1000 burning a hole in your pocket...

  1. I'm craving another LV and have about $1000 to spend.

    Here's my current collection:


    I'm looking for a handheld or shoulder bag, Damier or mono. Ideally it should have a zip top but that's not a super must-have.

    What would you suggest to round out my collection? I'm thinking of:


    Damier Alma or


    the BH or...

    the Pap 30

    or, last but not least..
    the mono Trouville.

    Any suggestions on these? Or something else mono or damier? TIA! :flowers:
  2. BH or BV!!
  3. i quite like the Damier Alma. i think the Alma only looks good in Damier (and maybe Epi)

    if you want the Papillon 30, i think that looks best in the Damier too :yes:

    so either the Damier Alma or Damier Papillon 30
  4. Why not a denim bag?? Baggy PM?
  5. I TOTALLY agree with yeuxhonnetes - the Damier Alma and Damier Pap 30 BOTH rock, and they're both totally awesome classic LV!
  6. Wow, I love the fast responses!! :tender: You guys are the best.

    I'm am leaning toward the damier Alma or pap 30 in damier. ITA the pap does look better in damier than mono!

    Thanks, tPF'ers!!:wlae:
  7. i personally like the Trouville. i think it looks simple yet elegant :flowers:
  8. My vote for the Damier Alma... you need a handheld Damier bag :yes:
  9. Out of those choices it would be the Dam Alma!!
  10. Have you ever thought of EPI? I personally like this line a lot. I like colors!:yes:

    Out of your list, I like damier Alma the most.
  11. -------------------------------------------

    We have quite the same taste. BH or Trouville! :smile:
  12. Personally, I'd go with another shoulder bag like the BH or the BV !
  13. Damier Alma:yes: looks classy!
  14. Diversify!! How about vernis??
  15. Damier Alma. It's gorgeous!