If you had $100 to spend at Sephora, how would you spend it?

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  1. Ok ladies, help me out here.

    I have about $100 to spend at Sephora... and I have no idea where to start? What to buy??

    I have super sensitive skin and tend to be a die-hard when it comes to stuff that works well for me, I stick with the same products for all eternity. I also don't wear a lot of makeup just because of the sensitivity and a tendency towards acne....

    Help me out! :roflmfao:
  2. Hmm,
    I would get some philosophy 3 in 1 if you think your skin won't react to it. They have amazing scents! Also, I would get some urban decay 24/7 eye liner in zero (black)....what else...I would get some urban decay eye primer (if you wear eye shadow), maybe some perfume?...definitely some mascara because that wouldn't cause acne...
    Also, what about their mineral make up? Maybe that would be better for your skin's sensitivity and acne. Have fun shopping!!
  3. Great ideas! Have any of you tried any of the light-gadgets that are supposed to help with anti aging? I have seen them on the sephora website...
  4. Bubble bath ? I would get something on the pampery side then ! Ooo or you can get one of those ionic hair driers ! :yes:
  5. A good friend of mine gave me an ionic dryer for my bd last month! Otherwise I'd be buying one of those! :lol:
  6. ^ Ooo R, I'm so jealous ! :P

    What about perfume ? Or is that too much irritation for your skin ?
  7. The best part about the dryer ayla is that it came from a friend who is very dear to me that I met here :heart:

    Perfumes are ok for the most part-- I just wish they carried Penhaligon's Violets. I got a sample of it and it's TDF :nuts: I can't find it around here and it's very $$$

    I am sorta mixed on the dryer though- I have super fine straight hair and it makes it super static-y unless I put a lot of styling products on. My hairdresser also seemed to indicate that he believes the ionic dryers dry the hair out more. So I dunno? My friends SWEAR by them and it does dry my hair REALLY fast!
  8. ^ Well, putting product in might not be a bad idea anyways, especially if you're doing that before drying since the dryers can really dry hair out. I personally cannot vouch for them, I've been hemming and hawing and I haven't broken down and gotten one.. yet ! It's getting close tho. ;)

    Ooh I just saw that the other posters mentioned mineral makeup, I'd also add that this is great ! You can go in and ask for a sample of this, it's really light and doesn't irritate the skin at all ! :yes:
  9. I will try the mineral stuff! Good idea! I recently discovered Napoleon Perdis makeup and I love it. I have not broken out once since I started using it.
  10. If you buy the dryer from sephora ayla, I think you can try it out and if you don't like it, you can return it. I really think it depends on your hair type and texture how well the dryer works. In terms of speed of drying, it is fantastic!
  11. Dang, Roo, I could blow through $100 at Sephora in about 10 seconds, LOL!

    Depends on what you're looking for...makeup? Hair products? Trying a new fragrance? Brushes/flatirons, other tools?

    I'd scoop up a couple eye creams (after trying samples), some tdf bubble bath, Makeup ForEver smokey lash mascara, the MUFE kabuki brush, Stila's original Smokey Eyeshadow quad or put your $100 toward the GHD flatiron styler. You already have an ionic dryer, OK...I'm in gooey love with mine!

    Are you into trying mineral makeup? It doesn't blow my skirt up 100% but that's just me...often the mineral foundations can settle into the, ahem, fine lines we get at a certain age, but I'm sure you wouldn't have that issue :-P.
  12. ^^ Girl, I have such straight hair, me using a flat iron would be like Kate Moss going on a diet! :lol:
  13. I would go for some higher end moisturizers and body exfoliators - I like the Bliss products and I'm in love with Korres 24-hour moisturizer. I hear the Make Up For Ever HD foundation is great as well.
  14. Ohh yeah. I like the Bliss stuff. Thanks for the suggestion! :tup: