if you got your HG bag...

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  1. ...would you agree to a 2010 ban w/ the BF?

    only fairly recently have i fallen hard for the Peyton Inlaid C Tote in black. eBay's my only option for it and some of the sellers have skyrocketed their pricing, one has marked it up to $600+. so...

    1) if you got your HG bag, could you stay away from Coach 'til January 2011?
    2) what's your take on the peyton inlaid c tote? (i don't know if i'm looking to be told to buy it or to be discouraged from doing it LOL so honesty is welcomed!)

    TY in advance! :heart:

  2. I have SEVERAL HG..so when I get them all, yes I will stop buying.
  3. i have 3 bags in my wishlist- if i got all 3 of them now- i would SOOO be set til January 2011!
  4. would you guys pay more than you would have if you had gotten it at a boutique?
    and what's your take on the bag i want?
  5. Have you checked Macy's for this bag... the one Macy's near me had it the other day...

    I may be heading there tonight, and will take another look....
  6. personally, i wouldnt pay more than what it sold for at the boutique, but it just depends on what its worth to you. i have this bag and LOVE it! i use it as a purse, or even for some of my school stuff. i have the smaller version, and i think its perfect. the only problem i have with it is that one of the c's is suede and that can get dirty really easily.
  7. i live in canada :sad: LOL. how much were they selling it for? ...oh god i think i'm gonna feel worse!

  8. I agree with Denverite - I wouldn't pay more than full price for it, even if it IS your HG. I had the poppy tartan glam tote on my wish list - could've kicked myself for not buying it when it was $198 on the website! Now the ebay sellers are selling it for around $300, and no way am I paying that. So it's off my wish list!

    That said - yes I could stop buying Coach for a full year if I got my HG.. problem is, I get my HG, then find a new HG! :graucho:
  9. that's what i'm thinking too; i don't want to pay more than it was at FP. which was what, $398? is that right? i'm not too worried about the suede, i have the chainlink maggie - satin - and she's holding up perfectly. wait ...how much was the small and how much was the large?

  10. HAHAHA i like your way of thinking ;) i'm so sad, i've always been the type to attach to something too late. like sabrinas. :pout:

  11. i believe the small was $398 and the large was $498...i didnt think the size difference was enough to justify an extra $100, not to mention the smaller one is a good size anyways. good luck in finding one!!!
  12. My HG's are sooooo rare if I could get all 4 (drooling just thinking of it) yes, I would go on a ban. It would have to be cold turkey though, no website, I probably couldn't even visit TPF, pics would be too tempting. Just 2 months ago I was craving for just 1 Peyton, now I have 4 and I am still searching for more.
  13. I looked for the inlaid c Peyton everywhere! When I saw it in someones avatar I couldn't afford it! Then I got the cash and started looking for it, but some were luckier than others. I called the boutiques, Jax and nothing. I ordered from nordstrom and it got cancelled because the system was wrong. They didn't have it. I called a boutique out of staTe and they have a damaged one. That was a no no for me. So I gave up looking for It. Until one day I decided getting it from eBay and won it for almost the retail price. Now she's with me!
    If you see it somewhere just grab it and don't let it go!!! Answering your question. It's difficult to have just one HG. But after I found the inlaid Peyton I got in a ban.
  14. I don't have an HG!:P I just like buying bags!!
  15. I wouldn't pay more than FP. I honestly think that so many bags come and go that if this one doesn't come your way, within a couple of months there will be something you like just as much without overpaying for it. Or maybe it's just me that has handbag ADD!! If you wait the ebay prices may come down to a more reasonable place also.