If you got what you wanted, but got bad service, did it really matter?

  1. I remember when I bought a Speedy online, I basically had to fight with the seller thru emails and he was MEAN! It wasn't easy but the in the end, I got what I wanted. But did good service matter? I guess not.?.

    But I've also been in cases where I bought something b/c the seller was cool & attentive.

    In the end, does great service equal a great buy? Or does what you want overcome bad service?
  2. As long as you are not reminded of that bad service every time you look at the bag, it shouldn't matter.;)
  3. Yeah I agree.
    I wanted to throttle that girl who sold me the ipod case..she couldn't have been much more of an airhead and she was incredibly rude. So yes I'm happy with my case but it reminds me of how I'd much rather go to the store down the way than to the Neiman's counter unless it's something I *really* need. Like that day, the store was out of the case so Steffani checked the stock at NM and they had it. That was the ONLY reason I got it from there..otherwise I avoid them like the plague.
  4. Well if you bought the bag from Ebay, I don't really think service matters because there really is no service....plus, what do you expect? The seller is his/her own boss who's not paid to serve ya. From the way I see it, the seller is not forced to "smile" and be polite. However, if you're buying from a boutique, then YES, give some Sh!t to the SA if he/she's not treating you right.
  5. I have been deliberating this question as well. When I have purchased items on eBay from recommended sellers, they have always been quick with communication and shipping, which is what any buyer would want when spending a considerable sum of money. I recently purchased a bag from someone who wasn't a professional seller, and I was put off by her lack of communication. I received the bag quickly, but I never once received an email letting me know that she received payment or when she was shipping the bag. I was so concerned that I might have been scammed that I emailed eBay Help after three business days of non-communication (not even to respond to my emails.) I am not a professional seller either, but I always make a point to email my buyers as soon as I receive payment and as soon as I ship the item because that is what I would want as a buyer. Now I am torn as to what kind of feedback to leave the seller: yes, the bag was shipped quickly, but she had me wondering whether or not I had been ripped off because she never contacted me. Everytime I look at the bag, I will being thinking about the seller.:Push:

  6. OMG...I don't like NM counter in Fashion Valley either. They are so snooty. I always try to avoid them at any cost.
  7. Well that's what I'm afraid of - that everytime I look at my purchase I'll be reminded of the pr!ck that sold it to me, lol Or when I tell my girls about my purchase, I feel inclined to mention the ordeal too.

    I think it's false that sellers, eBay or not, just give mediocre service. It really is up to the seller to make the service A+. Like The Snorks said, the little decent things count in the end to making the sale a clean, comfortable and smooth one, and what more can you ask for ?

  8. With eBay, unless the item hasn't come to me within a few days time frame of what is stated in the auction I won't worry about it. I have packages come to me after two weeks and stuff and the item's great and all. I guess I don't mind the emails at all. It depends on your experience on eBay I guess.
  9. If you sell an item on eBay once, without ever planning on selling again, then treating your buyer like dirt wouldn't matter. As someone who plans on buying and selling on eBay frequently, I want to ensure that I build up a good reputation. Expert eBayers pay attention to feedback, just like shoppers in real life, and in the end, this affects the amount of money you get for an item. LV resellers like Fashionphile and Let-Trade have built up a customer base because of their customer service skills. Which seller would you be more likely to purchase from again: the seller who shoves a six hundred dollar purse in a smelly box and then takes two weeks to ship it, or the seller who wraps the same purse in much the same way as an LV boutique, then ships it to you within two days? I have had both experiences, and in the end, I will always go with the seller who offers the best customer service. Why do you think some sellers have great items and wonderful prices, yet their inventory languishes, while others have inventory that almost always sells, regardless of variety or price?
  10. Well, then the question I guess I should have been asking is:

    Does price and/or the item's value guide you, or is overall experience equally or more important ?

    Hmmm ?
  11. YES, I completely agree with ya if it's a seller who's trying to make a living/business with bags (which in my opinion is not such a great job... more like a hobby I suppose), then good service of course is a criteria. However, I do believe that most authentic LV sellers are not selling their bags everyday, more like once a few months. Or even if it's not LV products, most sellers sell items just to rid of profitable "garbage" straying around in their house.
    Service is not that much of a big deal to me, maybe it's because I'm Asian, and most Asians will agree with me that China, Singapore (for eg) do not offer the same service that the Western countries live up to. When i'm in Canada, I expect excellent service when I go to luxury boutiques and most of the time, I will get it (otherwise, the manager will get a load of :censor: ) haha. However, when I go back to visit China, I'm way more relaxed...sometimes SAs would yell at me (just because I was browsing and did not buy anything!) and what do I do? I laugh it off! If I get bad service, then that store/person won't get a sale from me and look who's laughing in the end? lol:lol:
    So I guess what I'm trying to say is that IT DEPENDS on which country you're in, who and where you are buying from.:flowers:
  12. lol
  13. The service would totally bother me. The service we receive here is pretty bad. I once rejected a customised order because when I went to pick up the item, not only was the customisation badly done, the SA who attended to me was really unwilling, up herself, proud and was glaring at me.

    I had to lodge a complaint against her and obtain a cash refund in the end.
  14. i don't buy online, but as far as shopping in brick and mortar stors:

    working in the service industry, bad service really kills an experience for me. i bust my butt every day to make sure that people enjoy dealing with me. frankly, when it's my money on the line i expect the same.

    i've been known to walk away from something i wanted badly because of rude/inattentive/snobby SAs. i just come back in a few days/weeks and buy it from someone else or order it online.
  15. I've found store service is great....ebay on the other hand...
    *insert profanity*.