If you got a good deal online (BG, NM,Saks) the last few days...

  1. be it NM, Saks or BG - What did you nab and WHAT TIME did you nab it?
    Did your order get cancelled?
    thanks...(I'm doing a small survey)...
  2. Yes, I ordered at about 7:45 this morning from Saks.com and received my confirmation by noon. I got an Isabelle Fiore Angelina hobo handbag. It came in rust or cream colored leather. The original price was $625 and on sale for $187.50-but I used the 10% off code and ended up paying $168 w/out shipping.:yes:

  3. I got a few:

    Prada antic gauffre tote in militare for $648.xx down from 1750.00$ shipped and its at home.

    Prada nylon and leather bag marked $315.00 down from $780.00 shipped and at home.

    MJ gold stam baby $398.00 marked down from $798.00 shipped to me from NM.com today.

    Balenciaga blueberry bag marked $514.00 down from $1295.00

    Jimmy choo snakeskin shoes marked $312.00 down from $895.00 from Saks.com a week or two ago.

    CL wallis wedges marked $210.00 down from $700+

    (sorry not really what you wanted, but thought id share my incredible deals)
  4. I happened to log on at 10:30pm CST Monday night and saw I had a message from a friendly fellow poster advising me of the bag I wanted being shown on Bergdorf's sale website. It apparently had been returned. I immediately went there and clicked on it and it went through. I then received a confirmation later that night. It stuck but I haven't received it yet. I did try to buy other appealing bags that were pictured but typically they would show them as "This bag is no longer available" or something like that. I lost a silver python Chloe hobo this way at a great price - but that's okay since it really wasn't my ultimate bag. I feel for you missing out on your favorites.
  5. Also, can we discuss how if you do a sale search and list the designer, alot more items pop up then when you do a category search. so annoying.

  6. you got quite a good number of excellent deals :yes: and i'm drooling over the blueberry :drool: i've been wanting a balenciaga blueberry but can't get hold of one. what bag was this?
  7. I got an email telling me that my order is no longer in stock, this is the second time Neiman Marcus did this to me.
  8. I got Chloe C-Buckle boots from the BG sale. I ordered them at 10 pm EST on Sunday and they were gone by the next morning, but they did ship.

    Congrats on the Balenciaga Blueberry!!!! Where did you find that? I didn't see any Balenciaga anywhere! (Which my wallet is thanking me for).
  9. Lucky girl! That balenciaga was a deal!!
  10. wow i didn't even know there was balenciaga on sale! was it nm, bg or saks? great deals, i would love that baby stam.
  11. wow, great deals! i wish we could score these online
  12. Wondering what the 10% off code at saks.com is. Thanks.
  13. little deals
    burbery cosmetic case = $44
    uggs classic short (ugly, i know, but i'm so cold) = $96
    bloomies pash cashmere wrap = $50
  14. the balenciaga blueberry was actually from nordstrom LOL..

    ++ yes, I was fortunante for them to have actually ship that stam..it was never in the sale area..foxycleopatra posted in the MJ forum because she thought it was a price glitch and they had two available..one she purchased and One I did YAY!
  15. I got a few good deals -
    Chloe Paddington Continental Wallet in Whiskey- $240, orig. price was $480
    Chloe Patent Chain Betty in Brown- $920 from $1840
    Prada Leporad Hobo, $925 - orig. $1850
    Frye boots - $137 (I think) - orig. $450
    Prada Gauffre in black-$1400 from $2450 (1st markdown with addl. discount)
    also, picked up some deals at the stores...........fun!!
    And, yes, those above are confirmed or received, however, I've had some cancelled too.