if you got a bag that you wanted for half price....

  1. would you put up with it being marked or dirty scratches? I bought a bag from eBay , seller said was brand new , never been used. Prestine condition.. ect. I recived it today and there are black stratches on it and dirt marks, I also found black pet hair in the lining. This is a white epi bag. I got it at a great price, half off retail , I guess I am just upset cause the seller acted and represented it like it was brand new. She says she never used it.. ect.. It obviously has been used , coffee mark.. ect.. I dont know. would LV repair it for me. I dont min paying . I just hate to be fooled and lied to. Would you keep the bag or send it back. I am so confused.
  2. eBay is the devil.
  3. Well it would really depend on how I felt and how much it bothered me. If I thought I could deal with it then yes I would. However I am a perfectionist and it would bother me. At the end of the day it is what is more important. Getting it for half price or having a pristine bag. If you do decide not to keep it, sounds like you have a very good case for a SNAD claim. Alternatively you could always email the seller explain your concerns and see if she will refund you some of the money.:smile:
  4. I would try to return it and get my money back since the seller lied in the description.
  5. I would try to contact the seller about it, and if she refuses to do a return/partial refund then I would report this to Paypal/eBay, as Item not as Described and do a dispute. Save ALL communication with the seller, and keep everything related to this transaction before it has been solved!
  6. I would ask for a refund of my money. It was not as you expected. Not acceptable. Good luck.
  7. Legally speaking, this is breach of contract and fraud. Half price or not, would you have bought the bag in the first place if you'd been aware of the condition? My guess is probably not. Complain and get your money back.
  8. Get your money back!! She lied in the auction.....unacceptable!
  9. i agree with all of the above. don't try to fix it and "settle" for something that was misrepresented to you...even if it was half off. you're better off getting a smaller discount for something you LOVE and is in the condition stated on the auction.
  10. return it !

    I can not tolerated my things get scrached or dirty marked at all even they are very old.
    if you buy things from me, you have got lucky. But I wouldn' sell my LV purses that less though.
  11. I'll ask for a refund and send it back.
  12. I too agree with Nakolulu and all the posters above.
  13. I would ask for partial refund since bag is not as described.
  14. I keep trying to understand why anyone would buy something from Ebay. There seems so many sellers that aren't honest on there.

    I hope you are able to get some money back from this.
  15. It would depend on one thing: whether you would want to keep the bag in its current condition with the price you paid for it.

    If you are okay with it, ask for a partial refund. You might get some money back. If she offers you a full refund, you can just say no and you still keep the bag.

    If you are not okay with the condition of the bag for the price you paid for it, you should request a full refund and file a complaint with eBay/Paypal if the seller refuses.