If you go to see The Devil Wears Prada, look for the lilac b-bag!!

  1. In the scene in Paris, where Andy is talking to the magazine's art director (I forget his name), there is a lilac city bag leaning on the table. :roflmfao:

    Only the PF gals could appreciate this info!!!
  2. I will be searching for that bag when I see the movie.
  3. ooh, i'm gonna look up for this. i can't believe the cinema here hasn't show this movie yet! i can't wait!!!
  4. i saw it but was it lilac? it looked diff.
  5. which year lilac?
  6. I saw that too but it was so fast I couldn't get a good look at it! I thought it might be the 2006 pre-spring lilac though.
  7. I saw it too!! I thought it looked kind of grey/taupe. It was difficult to tell what color it was.
  8. I saw it, but it looked like a metallic...I could not make out the color, although I stared at it trying! It looked like almost a pearl color. Some people have said it was pewter, but my pewter is a lot darker than that, even under a light. Gorgeous bag, though! Happy to see a b-bag appearance!
  9. Went to see it last night....sold out! Can't wait to see it tomorrow and I will be on the lookout for the bag! Thanks!
  10. I thought it was either Calcaire, Cement, 06 Rose, or 06 Lilac.


    J :smile:
  11. All these variations... :roflmfao: What color is is exactly?
  12. did you see the 06 lilac on "The Hills" on MTV? I was just flipping past and saw it- pretty sure it was real...
  13. I saw it...thought it looked kind of gray or metallic. Happy to see a B-bag displayed so prominently in the movie, though!
  14. i hope NZ screens this movie... we're SO behind in everything!!!
  15. I thought it was some pale metallic, too!!!! I loved it! Seeing how gorgeous that bag was made me buy my first B-bag!:heart: