If you go to an outlet

  1. Hi Girls,

    I want a effie an can't track one down i like. So if you go to any outlets would you mind posting if you see a nice one.

    Thank-you very much.:tup::tup:

  2. Colour preference?
  3. Well Chaz posted a lovley pic of a grey one which would be a dream. i would like oak/choc/or anything like that don't really want anything mad like purple etc (if they do them)

  4. What's your price range? I'm planning a trip to Shepton in the next couple of weeks and will look for you.
  5. up to about £300 but that can always be twisted a bit!!

    Thanks SJ
  6. eviemarie- I thought you were after a messenger bag?
  7. i was/am but love this one would the strap go over my head? or am i just being thick??
  8. OK, I'll have a look. Not sure what Effie retails for - will have to check out Chaz's reference library for a pic too!

  9. No - the effie has a shortish shoulder strap.
  10. ok well i want one anyway. They had one at Beciester for £197 but i didnt like the colour i might phone a few as well.
  11. good luck with your search- let me know how much the traditional colour ones go for at the outlets. I may consider an oak one in May!
  12. [​IMG]

    Is it this one?? This is an Alfie,longer shoulder strap,will def go over your head messenger styley,but I'm not too sure what that color is,but I have seen some gorgeous neutral colored ones at Ches Oaks,like a very soft khaki color,£197
  13. Yes you are............hahahaha!! Sorry could'nt resist,its the eternal p**s taker in me!!!:nuts:
  14. i am thick aren't i!! i am sorry ladies its the alfie i want. One day i might get used to the names! Its a good job i am not a teacher!!

    So ladies i am after a alfie Sorry again.

    Do u ladies get annoyed with the new people like me who come on here talking Sh*te that they don't know much about????
  15. Glad we got that confusion cleared up!!! I must say I was getting a bit confused and not entirely convinced that it was the Effie you wanted!
    We're here to help/ enable/ break the bank!:roflmfao: