If you go LE, do you ever go back to the 'normal mainstream'?

  1. This is my first thread ! :yahoo:

    Anyway, I've noticed that alot of girls get all these amazing LE bags and seek out those bags in the future when they become available.

    But once you shop for LE bags, do you ever go and buy 'mainstream' bags like the Damier or Mono, or do you just stick to the $$$ & limited? :shrugs:

    Just curious ! (and no offense to mainstream bag buyers, your bags are GORGEOUS ! I'm equally jealous!:nuts:)
  2. totally i go with what i like. I have a ton of LE but that does not stop me from buying mainstream bags. I go for looks not how rare or easy they are to obtain.
  3. I switch back and forth!
  4. mostly le but i still do buy like azur speedys or anything that is a speedy.
  5. Although I am torn whether or not I want to keep my Monogram Riveting which I believe is LE or Seasonal - whichever..., I don't seem to feel the same about the "mainstream" bags which I once lusted over... I still would like a few of them like the mini lin speedy and suhali lockit; however, since they ARE permanent, I'm not as interested:s. I'm looking forward to the next "LE's" and my ultimate prize would be the Oskar Waltz!!!! (Some day anyway, perhaps when I win the lottery.)
  6. I think a lot of ladies here buy what they like... and don't just stick with just one line... :s
  7. I like a nice mix of seasonal (so called LE) and perma bags.
  8. Congrats! I have a mix..I have one more rare LE bag (the denim chinchilla demi lune) and the rest are Limited Run bags like Perfo, Charms, Cerises, Graffiti, various Vernis colors, CB etc. mixed in with the more permanent bags. I have more LR bags than I do of anything else though.
  9. Hmm. That's something I was thinking about just the other night. I have a few LE/Seasonal bags and I love them because of their unique look. I was looking at my collection and thought of getting a new Mono bag to add as a staple piece since I have tons of trendy pieces but for some reason I couldn't go through with it. I am kind of turned off by Mono now. But I do LOVE Suhali which is a permanent line, I think it has more to do with how my style and taste has changed than if the bag is readily available in the stores.
  10. ^^ I totally know where you're coming from ! The Suhali, although not LE, is like a total 'dream' line for me. I think it's b/c I'm attracted to anything $$$! lol

    I guess what I am sensing is that those that do go LE, tend to have more LE than mainstream bags....? :shrugs:
  11. I think so, i use LE pieces for more occasions, and mainstream mono/damier daily. It'd be nice to use all LEs if i have the $ though ^^
  12. I like both! I just got my first LE and now I want a Mini Lin Speedy and a Damier Azur Speedy! But I do think I may get another LE one day!
  13. ITA. to be honest, i have yet to see an LE bag that i would actually buy. i guess i tend to stick to the "classics" no matter how common they are. any lv is good lv. :yes:
  14. I have more mainstream bags (not only LV) so for me unless I really like it I would rather wait for LE bags.
  15. I am really into LE bags and less common regular line bags. I am less and less attracted to monogram nowadays except for certain, less common styles. Mizi, manhattan, stephen to name a few.....oh and Oscar Waltz (that counts as mono, right?)

    So to answer your question I think I go back forth. I don't think I could ever completely quit mono all together. I would just get bored by sticking strictly with it. Gotta mix it up a little I guess.