If you get on a waitlist - do you HAVE to get the item??

  1. A friend of mine called me today and was kind of upset with LV. She had been by one of the boutiques in London and had requested to be put on the waitlist for some of the new SS bags that are coming out. She asked if it was ok that she got on the waitlist for the Dentelle Speedy in both silver and gold, so she could see both IRL before deciding which color to get. The SA said that if decides not to get something she waitlists for, she will not be able to get on the lists later. Isn't that just total BS, or has LV changed their policys lately? I was on the waitlist for the Cherry Blossom Pap in both pink/pink and brown/pink, and I only got the brown/pink one, I decided that the pink/pink was too girly. I didn't have a problem getting on the list for my Cerises Bucket.
  2. I think they do charge your credit card as soon as the item arrives, but you could always return within the 14 day period. I think what LV told your friend was not true. If she decides not to get a bag, there is always someone else who will buy it--it would probably be offered to the next person on the waitlist. After all, no one really knows if they are going to like a bag unless they see it in person and try it on.
  3. I was bad that I got a call from my SA for Azur speedy 30 on the beginning of Jan, but I didn't go to buy it. (because I want a 25 now & would like to purchase it on elux) I didn't get charge for that. I think it's ok, but probably don't do it for too many times?!
  4. I don't see why you should be obligated to purchase something sight unseen, just to be on a waitlist. I consider waitlisting as giving me to opportunity to buy something limited for sure. Without being on the list, you never know if womething will sell out instantly. (hello - miroir!) If you do pass something up, it should be popular enough to sell to someone else quickly, so no harm done. I agree through, if you abuse the priviledge (i.e. waitlist for 10 items and buy 1) the SA might not appreciate it.
  5. i dont think what they told your friend is true. i'm waitlisted for the dentelle ludlow in gold and silver. i told my sa i wasnt sure which i wanted and she said to just get both and then decide which if any i wanted when they came in. that was her idea and since it was i am assuming it's not an issue.
  6. Perhaps it's different in London? There's probably a massive waitinglist for a lot of pieces, I know that the demand for mirroir was huge. They even shipped the pieces that weren't sold in my local store to UK after short time to meet the demands.

    Perhaps also to be fair to the many people requesting and to sell out quicker they'd put a limit on the number of items you can waitlist for. If someone waitlisted for virtually everything and boughtonly a coupleof things it would slow down the entire process of distributing goods and the people further down on the list would have to wait longer.

    I'm thinking it might be due to the popularity/demand of the store and item.
  7. My SA put me on the list for the Lambskin rivet bags even if I didn't say so and it was mono that I specifically asked for. Of course I passed on the Lambskins and I've been asked to come to my store and check out the mono "if I still want it".:shrugs:
  8. i think it depends on who u r and who ur speaking to....
    if ur a VIP speaking to ur regular SA then it's not a problem :smile:
  9. I think it depend on if you have history with the store/SA if you put your name down for things and frequently pass them up they may not be so helpful to waitlist in future especially if they have other clients that are likey to buy them
  10. No, you can always decline the piece.
  11. I'm waitlisted for both the dentelle silver and gold. That's what my SA advised. She said see them irl and decide which one I want.
  12. It really depends on the relationship you have with your SA- if you really don't know them and turn down a majority of the peices you waitlist for, they might be hesitant to put you on future lists.

    btw, hlfinn- I'm waitlisted for the gold Ludlow too (and cles)
  13. crappy, pushy, sales hungry sa.

  14. I agree. I have been on several waitlists and not purchased and never had a problem. That item just goes to someone else who really wants it. Example...when we were on vacation in Hawaii a couple of years ago, my friend really wanted the denim speedy. We waited a while (a couple of hours) while they called the waitlist people and found one who didn't want it. Happy ending - my friend got that denim speed at the end of the day and rocks that bag all the time. :p
  15. When the mini ellipse came out LV SCP didnt have them in yet so I went on the waitlist, then a month later they came in and I bought a couple. 6 months later I went to pick something up and they brought out my bag AND another bag with my mini ellipses in it from 6 months before. They never called me once to tell me! And stupid me never noticed the charge on my cc bill. Yes they did issue a refund. LV SCP is THE worst LV store there is.