If you gave up all material possessions would you still be..

  1. If you gave up all material possessions would you still be happy?

    I hate to admit this, but no, I look forward to whatever I'm planning on buying next.
  2. It depends if I did it for no reason I would feel weird but eventually get over it. If it was for a cause or for an important reason then yes I would still be happy.
  3. No I probably wouldn't either....I am a shopaholic....the hunt...the rush...sometimes I sell stuf just so I can re-buy it later and have fun hunting it down! It's a sickness...truly is!

    That said though....if you gave me a force choice between human companionship and material possessions.....companionship always comes first!
  4. that is a difficult question.

    i need shelter for my kids, and a vehicle to transport them.

    but the luxuries i could live without, if my family was healthy and together
  5. I can live without (although wouldnt like to) jewelry, bags, fancy clothes... but would need the basic food, shelter etc and a vehicle..
  6. Nope, most likely I wouldn't be. :shame: I am human after all.
  7. I would probably be happier. Just think if all the time and energy I put towards bags and shoes went towards something meaningful and permanent... But I am a big ol' pinko commie liberal and I really, truly believe that communism - on a small scale at least - can work. When people's energies are focused on community, family and friends instead of rent, status and luxury, so much good can come of it.

    But taking that step - actually moving from a place of comfort into something entirely new and uncertain - is almost impossible, especially given that I have small children to take care of. I cannot just rid myself of all material posessions and wing it because I have them and their futures to think of instead of just myself.
  8. No I would not.
    I am very selfish and materialistic and I know it. My stuff makes me happy.
  9. Yes I would still be happy w/o my material things. As long as I have my son and my husband and we are fed I am truely happy!
  10. Yes I would. Probably because I have been without before and I was still happy with my life. All my posessions are just gravy. I own them, they don't own me.
  11. Ditto.
  12. I remember seeing a pic of a lady holding her LV above the flood waters while being rescued after Hurricane Katrina. I remember looking at my beloved Coach bag and wondered if I would have done the same thing. I hoped that I wouldn't, but I could not honestly say that I would have left it behind. I am not sure if it would be because of what I carry in it (my life is in it...ID, phone, prayer book, Rosary...I do that in the event I really do need it someday). Anyway, if it came to saving that or my son, I know hands down I'd drop it to hold my son tight. When I saw that image that day, it really made me think about this very question.

    What a great thread!
  13. Ditto! :tup:

    Despite the goodies, If I gave up all "material goods" (food / shelter excluded), I'd still be loved by my family and friends, educated, free thinking, .... my true self. That's priceless.
  14. No. Simply put, no. I honestly don't think I could.
  15. I was just talking to my mom about evacuating for hurricane season and told her that after my computer stuff and other work equipment (and of course my dog) I'd pack my purses and shoes in the car...no shame in that! I said I'd be the best dressed person walking around in Zachary, the little town my family evacuated to after Katrina.

    And the answer is no, I wouldn't be happy without possessions. If I was I'd quit my job and roam the earth and be broke, but that's just not me.