If You Find A Petrol Baby Spy Should you Buy It?

  1. Just wondering how hard it is to find a Baby Spy in petrol (or a regular spy). If you find one should you buy it at retail price. Do they show up on eBay or sale ever? Would love to have either one in this color. But cant seem to find one.:crybaby:
  2. Yes, yes, yes you should buy it!!!! Even if it is at retail price! I know I would as the baby petrol is a rare find nowadays so definitely get it if you find one. Speaking of which.... have you found one? Is that why you are asking?
  3. I am not sure I've seen more than maybe 1 or 2 petrol baby spys show up on eBay. The regular ones in petrol used to show up pretty regularly, but I'd say now maybe it's something like once a month. Usually they seem to be pretty beat up, too. If you really love the petrol and you find it at retail, I'd probably go ahead and snap it up rather than waiting for one that is most likely not in great condition on eBay.
  4. :tup: Seriously Go For IT!! :yahoo:
  5. Im still looking! I love it in the petrol color. I have the cognac. I dont know if I can keep both if I find one. What a dilema cause the cognac is beautiful.