If you feel like looking at more hair extensions!

  1. Here are my new hair babies! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them! I had cub scout training this week and felt to boyish so I had to do something to make me feel more feminine LOL! My hair is SHORT (about two inches). It's an incredible difference! This is the only picture I could find before...

    It's the hairlocs method of extensions, 20-inch length hair. ENJOY!
    Crystal11.JPG extensions.JPG extensions1.JPG extensions2.JPG extensions3.JPG
  2. You really can't tell it's an extension at all! You look so pretty....

    How do they do the procedure, and how do they match up your hair color? And how do you maintain them? I'd love to know more about it!
  3. THANKS!

    Okay I REALLY want to answer your questions but I can't LOL I don't have all the information. I know they use copper rods to attach the hair and it's basically crimped on. Here is the website for the actual procedure http://www.hairlocs.com/ We had a consult and she matched my hair and then ordered it. it matches PERFECTLY! She will even match people whi have hightlights. It's pretty cool and I just LOVE them!
  4. ^^How do you maintain it? Can you wash / style the same as before or do you have to go to the salon?
  5. Oh yes, you can wash it, dry it, flat iron it, curl it and even DYE it. It's human hair so you can do anything you would do to your own hair! :tup:
  6. Wow, those look great on you. Very natural looking, I never would have guess that they were extensions. :rochard:
  7. THANKS!! I think so too. My friends are DYING. I think they are all calling the salon tomorrow! LOL :roflmfao:
  8. They look so real! Congrats you look GREAT with long hair!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have to show my sister this. You look stunning. It looks like your natural hair. Is is hard to get used to having long hair now? My sister is trying to grow her hair out and she would LOVE long hair. Your hair looks better that the extentions Paris Hilton wears. Have fun.
  10. wow it's so weird seeing you blonde lol they look great!
  11. LOL Oh yeah you met me as a brunette! Kinda a shock huh!?! :roflmfao:

  12. :shame::love: THANKS!

    Yeah, but let me tell you these were soo not cheap. UGH I could have bought an INCREDIBLE bag with this. But every girl needs HOT hair! LOL :roflmfao:
  13. You look so pretty! Love the long hair on you. :yes:
    I'd totally go for extensions but my own hair grows so fast! :lol:
  14. Those Look Really Great!! Im Sure They Werent Cheap Either! Have You Ever Tried The Clip In Kind?? Its Real Human Hair, You Can Take Them In And Out When You Please. Wash Em, Color, Em, Flat Iron Em, Etc....there Great And Convienent!
  15. I have done the clip ins but I wanted something more permanent (that I could bruch easlily and pull on) and to get the clip-ins to look the way I wanted I needed to have my hairdresser put them each time in so this is more one shot and your a go!