If you ever think about leaving Balenciaga....

  1. ....don't bother. Just don't do it. Once you have truly loved a Balenciaga handbag, you will never fully get over it. So even if you do sell off some of your collection, please keep at least one bag. If you don't, you will regret it eventually. I am living this situation right now, so I wanted to offer some advice to others. There have been so many times during the last year that I have thought....if only I had kept just one coin purse, just so I could pet the leather occasionally, I'd be okay. *LOL* I really mean that, though.

    Many things drove me to sell off my collection. Being financially responsible, eliminating all debt from my life, even a change in my wardrobe. But I have come full circle with everything, and I am BACK to Bbags, baby!

    I'm debt free, happy, and only a few days away from purchasing a black day. I used to have one, so I know I will love it. After saving up for a few more months, I will look forward to buying a city or twiggy in a fun bright color and my current lust is the new pale magenta for s/s 08.

    This forum used to be my second home, and I just wanted to say Hi, re-introduce myself and offer a bit of "been there, done that" advice.
  2. Welcome back Lori. :smile:I totally agree.....once you have bbags, I don't think you ever totally get over them. They are my everyday bag, the ones I grab the most, the ones that feel most comfortable.
  3. Welcome back and congrats on being debt free, happy, and only a few days away from starting ur new bbag collection!

    I've toyed w/the idea of leaving bal behind...but whenever I hold one in my hand, and I come browsing here again, my resolution withers & the bal lust begins again...so once an addict always an addict, heh?
  4. Hi Lori and welcome back. I only have a few Bbags and I love them and have no plans on leaving ... I'm actually on a quest to owning quite a few ... someday, so yeah, I'm an addict too!
  5. ^^Exactly! No one tried harder than me to leave Balenciaga behind. I kept telling myself, that is just too much money for a handbag. But then I'd think of the softness, the smoothness, the smell. I realized that every bag I bought after that was just an attempt to find that same leather in a cheaper bag, which was not possible. I've got a couple of Steve Madden "Kinky" leather hobos that have amazing leather. Soft, smooth, smooshy and smells great. But as great as the leather is, it just does not compare to Balenciaga. Nothing does.
  6. Hi Lori, nice to see you back!
  7. I'm glad you're back Lori!!!!!!!! I always wonder if I'm going to lose the love but I can't seem to shake it!!!!! LOL I try to convince myself to stop buying b/c I ahould be content with what I have~ but I can't stop!!!!!!
  8. I had some incredible bags, girls. 04 Eggplant, three different 05 caramels (box, day, and purse) the best ink first known to man, phenomenally perfect black purse and black day, the list goes on and on. I let them all go. Regrets are terrible.:sad:
  9. I'm currently on a Balenciaga hiatus, not so much that I don't love them anymore (I'm still a newbie going on 5 mo.) but because I too am trying to reduce the debt on my cc's. With X-mas, birthdays, school parties, etc., my cc is taking such a toll that I just need to curb my craving for a Bbag until all this madness is over.:hysteric:I actually sold all my LV's to convert to Bal. and don't foresee ever turning back......:girlsigh:
  10. Good for you, Louis_gal! Self-restraint is important here in Bbag land!

    Welcome back, Lori!
  11. Yes! But I always come back to Balenciag! Haha...
  12. Welcome back and this is a very true subject matter that I have discussed with a fellow Pfer or two. Sometimes we may get too many and then find ourselves forced to shed/sell to recoop monies lost. Also to not feel so overwhelmed by too many.

    Its definitely a long term love though for bbags since the style and leather is exactly what I like! I too have to exercise caution since its a very slippery slope down again into too many too soon!
  13. i'm glad you're back. if nothing else, at least you know you are in GOOD company here!
  14. Welcome back!
  15. welcome back!! ITA, i once strayed and have now come back. :smile: the bags are so soft, so light and so versatile. the black day is a great "first" bag. are you planning on an 07 day?