If you ever get a pimple you NEED to get this product

  1. I don't have an acne problem but I get a pimple once in a while.
    Clinique has a new stick called acne solutions - post blemish formula
    It takes away the redness and prevents a scar, could not believe it used it and OMG it worked. It's around $13 such a steal for something very much needed.
  2. Really?? I get one here and there... and just hate it. Maybe I will try that!
  3. Very good tip, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the tip!! :flowers: I am always afraid of scaring when I get a zit, so this may help!!
  5. Thanks! I definitely needed something like this =)
  6. I'll have to check this out. Sounds great!
  7. thanks!! will try during that "time" of the month... lol
  8. Can't hurt to try it. When I get stressed out I pop the zits and then I pick the skin. I know it's gross I had stopped a while but after my mom passed. All hell broke loose in my life. Hopefully this will repair some fo the scar tissue.
  9. I thought I was the only one. I break out like hell whenever I get stressed out.
  10. thanks for the info! i'm going to try it next time i get a pimple
  11. very good tip. calling my friend tomm. she works for clinique at nordys.
  12. Thanks for this - I am def going to give it a try!
  13. Great tip! Do you know what the active ingredients are in the clinique product?
  14. Thanks for posting this--it will likely help a lot of us!
  15. Thanks so much Chanel4me83 - I brought this product on your recommendation and it REALLY works!!:flowers:
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