If you end up with a fake . . here's a suggestion.

  1. I have found a good solution for those fake bags that you don't know what to do with.
    I have ended up with a couple myself, and my sister as well. What to do with them ?!?
    Don't want to give them to goodwill. (Where they might end up in circulation again!)
    Don't want them sitting in the back of the closet, taking up room and reminding us of the mistake we made! Could take a pair of scissors or a knife to them! . . .But what I've done, is this. Have a craft day for the children. Give them the bags and a box of PERMANENT markers and let them go to it! "Here kids you can decorate these bags and draw on them to your hearts content!" When they're done, they make great carrying cases for Barbie or Bratz dolls and clothes or any of those little toys that constantly end up all over the house. . . And they're customized! They're put to a functional use. . . and the kids get to express their creativity. . . and they help the kids to keep things tidy. . . and they don't end up deceiving ANYONE EVER AGAIN!
  2. I love that idea! What a cute and fun activity for kids. And I agree about keeping them 'out of circulation'!
  3. Great idea, or basically anything you want to do with it to reuse the material but keep it out of circulation. I don't have kids but I can think of cool ways to create stuff with the..material. That way *I* get to be the kid:balloon:
  4. I'd love to hear some of those ideas!!! (I've got 2 fake LV's...biggest heartbreak of my life!!)