If you don't like black(really dark) nail polish


Nov 2, 2005
Is white a good alternative? My toenails are dark but I loathe it on my fingernails because my nails are a nice medium length and dark polish looks really goth - besides, if it chipped between manicures, I would go nuts. any suggestions?? Thanks.
Red is as dark as I can go, black would look too goth on me too, I'm olived skinned and already have dark hair, so french is usually my default.
I discovered "Brown Eyed Girl" by Lippmann recently. It's a dark reddish-brown and looks FAB on medium length as well as short nails. ITA with you about the black polish---I see pics of LiLo and her ilk with chipped black polish on their nails and it just looks trashy.
I tried black on mine, yes its too goth on me as well. although sometimes I like being a tad goth lol.besides black, deep dark red or violet would do. or chocolate brown.