If you don't have a PCE card

  1. I still think you can get the discount tomorrow. Heck, I waltzed into a Coach store today, told them all the $$ I had spent at coach.com and the outlets this year and the manager whipped out a card and let me use it today. Of course I was carrying my Legacy Shoulder Bag with matching wallet and that gave me credibility, I think.

    I bought some sneakers, purse perfume and solid (they're not covered by the discount) and 3 charms. I'm on a bag ban but those summery totes were really nearly irresistible!

    Anyway, go have fun at your local coach and you'll get a discount, I bet.
  2. aww congrats!!
  3. How long is the PCE card good for (dates). Thanks!
  4. Good for you! I'm 4 hours away so probably won't go this time around but maybe I'll try it at another PCE! Congrats!
  5. I found out its good through the 25th. :yes:
  6. I didn't get one in the mail either, but I have a good relationship with a couple of the SA's at my store, so they let me have the discount without any problem.
  7. Congrats!!
  8. i'm gonna try hopefully tomorrow or mon.
  9. My sister got a card and mailed it to me, but I think it got lost in the mail. I'm going to Coach tomorrow, but now I have no card! I hope they'll let me have the discount anyway. Do you think it's better to carry a Coach bag or another designer bag? What a silly question, I know, but what do you think? Thanks!
  10. MandB, love your profile picture! As for carrying a Coach or another designer bag, probably a Coach. :smile:
  11. I'm also on a handbag ban, so I bought the Legacy umbrella and the patent coin purse in mahogany. But of course, because the Fair Oaks VA store doesn't carry Legacy (or apparently anything *new* grrr) I had to order it all to be shipped to my house. I did get to keep my card, if I feel like tempting myself a second time by taking it over to Tysons Galleria (the area flagship which carries *everything*).
  12. I never did get one ... I'm taking it as a sign that I shouldn't be spending money right now!! Hah.
  13. I called my Coach store 1st thing this morning and asked to speak with a manager. My heart was beating out of my chest, cause I was sooo nervous. NEways, she was really nice and held a card for me, and the things that I wanted to purchase!!!
  14. What's a PCE card? I'm new to this I guess?

    I've only bought one thing from Coach.

    How much do you get off?
  15. if you do a board search for PCE you will get a lot of info. Its basically a 25% off for Coach's prefered customers.