if you don't have a bag...what do you DO with a twilly?

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  1. i am a little obsessed with the medor twilly, but i can't think of much to do with it since i don't have an H bag and it really wouldn't work on any of my bags (bal, LV).

    can anyone direct me to a thread on this, or offer ideas?
  2. Yes, you can wear it on your neck! MaiTai, I believe, had a beautiful picture somewhere...

    I don't know about a Medor Twilly but I wear my regular Twilly as a headband!
  3. I tie it in my hair. :smile:

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  4. right.

    i did a search, and while i love the scarf thread, i'm not sure i'll actually USE a scarf enough, which is why i want to start with a twilly. less of an investment, and it will allow me to get into the groove of scarf-wearing...which will hopefully catch on.

    i love the look, but sometimes feel i don't dress up enough to warrant a scarf.
  5. Wear it around your wrist, tied in a simple knot around your neck, as a head/hairband, etc etc.
  6. ^^ Ditto!
  7. MaiTai also tied one around a straw hat. It was Provence perfection! Tres belle!
  8. I came across this Tiffany's ad in Sep 2008 issue of Elle.

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  9. I wear mine tied in a standard Winsor knot around my neck sometimes-- I find it's a cute mix of masculine/feminine, and it works well for this business of "New Power Dressing" I keep reading about.
  10. I do have a bag but wear my twilly on my wrist more than on my bag
  11. I love it as a pony-tail holder. Very chic.