If you do an exchange, does your SA lose the commission?

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  1. I tried looking for the answer to this, but couldn't find it. I just bought a blue mini from my wonderful SA, but in my heart, I really wanted black. Today is launch day, so I wandered over to the other downtown store just to see if they had any in-store. They happened to have one (I literally hovered over another girl who was deciding between the black quilted and the black chevron...) and I exchanged the blue mini for the black mini. Does my SA lose her commission for this? I feel terrible if she did, but had to go with what my heart really wanted. If she did, I will probably text her to apologize because I really like her.

    Edited to add that I obviously would have bought the black mini from my SA in the first instance, but someone else already bought it (there was only *one*) before I was able to ask for it.
  2. I always assumed that the original SA keeps the commission, but I'm curious to know the correct answer too.
  3. +1

  4. That's what I thought too, even though the post-exchange receipt references the new SA... ultimately the original SA made the sale, so I don't think it should matter that the actual item was exchanged for another colour. Especially in Canada, where returns are not permitted!
  5. It depends upon how the store works commissions. If the new SA's info is on the receipt-she got the commission. You are not obligated, but perhaps you could have called your orig SA to ask for the black-she probably could have transferred the bag in. And if not, she would have told you so.....

    It never hurts to be upfront and ask your SA how she'd like you to deal with it. Especially if you want to build a relationship. I'm not sure most people realize-but here in the states most SA's are 100% commission. If a bag is returned, then they lose all commission. Chanel does not want them telling us this, as it makes a customer feel bad etc.

  6. Argh. Thank you. Unfortunately, I don't think transferring is something Chanel stores tend to do here in Canada (at least not between stores in Toronto...). I will text her because I do feel badly. She will certainly get first dibs on all my future purchases.
  7. If do an exchange with a different salesperson, the original SA will lose their commission, unless they are doing it on the original SA's behalf (you dont know for sure they did the right thing unless you check the receipt). There is other grey area there too.
  8. Hi, I found a defect on an item that I had just bought. My SA offered a return for a store credit but told me an exchange will not be possible because it was the last one they had. She had put it on hold for me. I am now thinking about trying to find this item elsewhere but what will happend to my SA's commission if I use my store credit at another boutique? Will she lose it? Or will she be able to keep it because a store credit is not a refund, which would probably mean that the other SA would have to help me without receiving commission. Either way I'd feel guilty.
    Maybe I should also mention that I'm in Europe.

    (Oh, and sorry about the typo in the title - can't edit it, unfortunately.)