If you didn't have to do it, what wouldn't you do?


Jan 5, 2006
I wouldn't clean (honestly, I hardly every do :P), vaccuum, clean up after myself when I eat, cook, do laundry...the list goes on.


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
If I didn't have to do it, I would really love not having to work full time. But in SF, it is very expensive and we don't want to live anywhere else right now.

I decided recently that I didn't want to do laundry or clean, so I send my laundry out and a housekeeper comes once a month. DH and I maintain the place between cleaning sessions. It's done wonders for my stress level!


Jun 4, 2007
honestly i would probably do nothing if i could get away with it. i would love nothing more than to be able to work a part time job maybe 2-3 days a week just for the hell of it.

i dont like cleaning or doing laundry or dishes or mow the lawn.. or shovel snow.... i occassionally get the cooking bug but i'd prefer to have someone make me meals!

the only thing i would want to do all the time is eat, sleep, and shop!! :smile:

oh and i like driving too! i prefer to be in a car by myself so i can yell at the words to a song on the radio ;)