If you didn't buy Gucci...............

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  1. Quick poll....

    If you didn't purchase Gucci bags (or were to ventrure out to others), what brand would you buy....and why?

  2. LV and MJ.

    LV cuz it's timeless and classic and MJ cuz the price point and the leathers used are amazing!
  3. The only two brands that appeal to me at this point in my life is LV and Gucci. I have a soft spot for them.
  4. YSL - gotta admit I didn't consider this brand at all but once I saw, felt, and tried on the Muse and Muse II, I was hooked! YSL makes very classy bags without being too flashy

    BV - loovvveee the soft, buttery leather! Can't seem to get enough of it, and just like YSL, the designs aren't too flashy. My Veneta has gotten so many compliments from people who truly know BV.

    LV- these days I'm only drawn to the Damier line, again going for the less flashy look. The Vernis line is gorgeous too
  5. I have a LOT of other brands too :yes:

    For one thing Gucci is a bit like my style - very diverse but still very 'me' if you know what I mean.

    I love BV but there would only be 1 or 2 styles I would buy before resorting to just buying them in different colours of the same bags.

    Chanel ^ the same as BV

    get the picture

    I suppose I would be buying Hermes - but I'd def have fewer bags every year :biggrin:
  6. For me it is -

    Valentino - Elegant, Timeless and very Outrageous at times.. Valentino is different I I love diffenet..

    Coach - Because it is my first love and my staple..
  7. Coach: Affordable prices, especially when compared to LV and Chanel. They're worry-free to carry around when I'm travelling and attending a sporting event or concert; don't have to "baby" my Coach like I do when carrying my LV, Chanel, and Gucci.

    Chanel: Elegant and a time-less classic, especially the iconic leather flap bags.

    LV: My first high-end/luxury designer brand! I have always had a soft spot for LV, although these days it's the limited edition items that seem to capture my interest the most.
  8. I have other brands so I don't buy Gucci exclusively though most are Gucci (in general my collection is small). Besides Gucci, I like MJ, Balenciaga, Burberry and Goyard. That doesn't mean I won't accept anything else if gifted to me of course!
  9. Dior: Its very classy and timeless. It has some very nice collections, and they are very cute. The fabrics are nice and easy to clean, and their jewellery is beautiful as well. I do have a bag and matching wallet from dior, BUT thats all.

    And i totally agree with GhstDreamer,... if anything is gifted to me, i would happily accept it as well :P
  10. I second that emotion......:yahoo: Love MJ...love him..."dat boy is good!"
  11. Yes, look at what he's done for LV these past few years!!
  12. LV epi!! Lasts a lifetime.
  13. Gucci is my first love but I also have bags from LV and Marc Jacobs. I would like to buy the Valentino Dome Petale satchel but can't see spending $2500 for that particular style since it's not practical.
  14. Coach - my everyday go to bag that I can abuse and throw around and not worry about it. Affordable, cute styles to match my outfits, and I don't have to be self conscious when I'm walking around a town with people staring at me like with LV and Gucci.

    LV - because it's so uber nice.

    MJ - very popular here in Los Angeles, goes with everything.

    Kate Spade - like Coach, affordable and can take a beating and still look like new.
  15. For my everyday bags I swithed to Kooba from Coach because I could not stand Coach's wild color schemes of the early 2000's. I'm thinking about giving Coach another shot because they do have some nice leather bags in their new collection.