If you didn`t buy Mulberry what would you buy??

  1. Just wondered what other bags you buy apart from Mulberry.

    For me I`m very fickle and change all the while, I think also it would be nice to have a collection of different bags from different designers.

    Although you do tend to find alot of the time that lots of people stick to the same brand
    (victoria Beckham 100 hermes bags!!)

    So tell us what do you have?,or if you had more money what would you buy then?
  2. I do have some Belen Echandia -- and I love them. www.belenechandia.com Her bags either do it for you, or they don't. I must say, Clutch Me is my go to clutch and I have it in matte white -- looks great with jeans, and with all black dress up. I have a Stroke Me in matte chocolate -- and the pictures don't do it justice. So elegant looking when you have it on. Great travel tote. I also have a black crash Love Me. I plan to order a Hold Me, which is inspired, design wise, by the Hermes Picotin. Superior customer service. Especially for all you U.K. gals.
    I also have a Celine Boogie bag, and a few LVs that I truly love.
    I definitely have a price break point. Just as I don't want an expensive car, I really don't want the super expensive Chanel or Hermes, etc. Just doesn't do it for me. I adore certain Mulberrys. I find the Spring 08 styles have really changed the direction of Mulberry, from the past. Going into a much "finer" delicate, girly look. I find the Roxy, Bayswater, Elgin, Antony et al to be very country chic, very British. This new look is baffling to me. But that's what happens...design evolves...new people come in and take it in a new direction.
  3. I did hanker after a Chloe Paddy for a bit,and I got the white YSL satchel,but other than that no I'm a Mulberry girl through and through now,if it changes direction too far,I think all my future purchases will definately be the past season classics from the outlets.

    OOO,just read the original post properly!! Sorry Tara!! I have a pale blue LV clutch,a Burberry shopper,and if I had more money??? I quite like the YSL Downtowns and Tributes,may go for a couple of the new LVs,that are creamy white with a fine red piping,tres chic!!
  4. Actually I`m the same, I love all the old bags,I would love to get a Roxanne but think that maybe its too late?
  5. I like the old bags (maybe because I am one!:roflmfao:), but if I wanted to spend more money, maybe YSL or Ferragamo. I am actually pondering selling my 1 LV because I have outgrown the whole mono label thing!! I think that I just really like quality leather and somewhat of a vintage look. Anyway, my 2 cents !!
  6. Just curious - why would it be too late?
  7. ^^^^^ Well its one of them bags that there was so much attention to when it came out that now its kinda uncool to have one!!(unless its an old one!)
  8. I like orla kiely and my alison van der lande daisy doo bag. The leather on it reminds me a bit of darwin!!! Also got a longchamp! If I had the dosh i might be tempted by a chloe edith or bay.
  9. Oh, I agree with you in that opinion. And it´s so annoying that there is so many fakes (both Roxannes and Bayswaters for example) out there that sometimes you kind of feels people look at your bag and assuming it´s a fake - or is it just me being silly!:shame: Sorry, out of topic...
  10. I just remembered a designer that I def would buy if I was rolling in money - Bottega Veneta. I think the bags are just gorgeous and timeless. Way too high priced for me!!
  11. Hi twinnie! The Edith was on NAP`s sale (yes, have been glancing at it too..). Still out of reach, at least to me.

    Out of topic again...:shame:

    Have some old The Bridge, a Timberland, Marimekko and an Adax(Danish brand i think) bags that haven´t been sorted out from the closet. No designerbags beside the Mulberries. Right now I don´t think I would buy anything else. At least I´m not tempted at the moment. Luckily!!!
    Promise that I will not take more space in this thread now;)!
  12. Hhhmmm, Im not sure really, I guess I would find some other brand to lust after though! Most of my other bags arent expensive designer ones - orla kiely and radley, ollie & nic, tabitha/orca and general high street shops' own.
  13. Mymlan,

    No, thats what its all about:flowers:

    You said you have bridge bags they were my first love and still remind me of horses/saddles:shame:don`t ask my why??

    I would love a Hermes, but have more chance of flying to the moon:wlae:
  14. I also like Orla Kiely bags, I think they are Great :heart:
  15. I'm a collector: have several Gucci, an LV (epi), Prada, Tods, Ferragamo, Furla, Lulu Guinness.
    Would love to have a Chanel and Hermes