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  1. If you could get only one fall handbag this season what would you get and why?????????
  2. The choco YSL muse
  3. Hermes Black birkin (30), its functional, doesnt go out of style, I'm sure i'll drool over it none stop and most likely use it year round.
  4. No more fall bags for me this year, BUT if I could just have 'one more' then maybe I would get the Blue India or Maroon Balenciaga Day bag when they come in. :smile:
  5. Even though it isn't a new design for this coming season, I still want an LV Speedy 30 in monogram.
  6. After seeing other members' pics I'm wanting the Jimmy Choo Riki in that fabulous bordeaux patent leather.:love: :tender:
  7. Balenciaga Blue India Twiggy(or City or maybe First? lol. can't decide on style)---from the pics, it's such a gorgeous color! I'm hoping it will be a pretty turquoise teal blue with subtle grey undertones.
  8. i want the big trashy chanel patent vinyl jumbo!!! :crybaby:
  9. Balenciaga Blue India First!! :love:
  10. Chanel bowler in the luxury line - red or metallic :drool:
  11. YSL Muse in red.
  12. Thanks I will check out the various handbags before I make a decision...sooo many nice bags
  13. Balenciaga part time in blue india
  14. I noticed your weight loss ticker that is awesome good for you...you deserve to reward yourself with an LV Speedy 30 :yahoo:
  15. Probably a black Chanel Reissue with silver hardware:heart: