if you could...

  1. After pinkpeony's announcement that she finally "completed" her l'amore collection, it makes me wonder ...

    so if you could collect all the bags from 1 print. which print would you choose?

    i'd choose tutti because it's BW n i can experiment with all the different bags n different colored character on different bag :graucho:
  2. I'd have to say Tan Playground, even though my favorites are Foresta and Inferno. Reason I'd pick Tan PG is because I'd love to have a collection with the discontinued bag styles (Andiamo, Angioletto, etc).
  3. I think I like Paradiso and Inferno best I think the whole heaven/hell thing is cute. I'd want a collection of those two I think.
  4. Hands down...CITTA ROSA! I :love: PINK!!!
  5. Paradiso :tup:
  6. Congrats to pinkpeony on her amazing collection!

    My fantasy would be a Citta collection! I just love the cars, blimps, flying superheroes and the monkeys...I could totally see myself collecting this print in every style.

    Right now, I'm really into Trasporto. The colors go with pretty much everything I wear and the characters on it are so cute...just want to collect as many pieces as I can!
  7. Hard one, I'd have to say Foresta. My sister asks me these questions all the time. Like: Would you cut off your own pinky toes for all of the Tokidoki in the world? Would you eat a cockeroach for a Tokidoki, etc.
  8. Tutti!
  9. Oh, wow! How could I ever choose? I really can't ... :blush:
  10. Pirata and Citta Rosa.
  11. I'd say PIRATA!!! I just looove that print to death.
  12. i think i've seen this asked before.. maybe on lj. :p

    iiii would choose.. tan playground.. because they still made angiolettos, andiamos, and bella bellas with that one!
  13. Foresta?!!?! LOL!! But your sn is Citta Rosa! :nuts:
  14. infernoooooooooooooooooooooo!
  15. lamore! cuz i love all of the amazing colors!