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Oct 3, 2005
Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I was searching around for what the hottest trends of the season would be on fall handbags and found this great forum! I make handbags and diaper bags. It has been a hobby until recently I have started selling online and a few local stores. Since everyone here seems to be on top of the purse trend..I thought I would ask "If you could have your dream purse what would it be like?" What colors/fabric/print/size/shape?? all the details! I believe this question will get some really great answers!!
My dream bag-- it would be fashionable yet durable. I have a tote bag that I love (just made of some kind of fabric) that always gets dirty-- I know the bag takes a beating, but I want it to be able to do both!! I think my dream bag would be a tote- that mixed both the softest cream colored leather with something that adds a little fun! Maybe a colored stripe in a different fabric or something! I need the straps to be able to fit NICELY with some room under my arm too!! I really dig cream colors right now with some other funky fall colors- oranges, greens, cognacs, browns, etc! :smile:

Cabco- Welcome to the forum! If you have a website of your work or pictures let us all see!!! Also you can send me a private message or email me with further questions about the site!
Great I did not want it to seem like I was just trying to advertise...My website is www.cabcohandbags.com It still has a few glitches in it here and there but for the most part works great! I am in the process of coming up with some new designs and that's why I was asking the question! I thought who better to ask than you guys!! I know I will be coming out with some "one of a kind" blue jean purses! Really cute!!! I will have to post a pic of the one I made for myself yesterday! Most of my bags can be washed. It is better if you don't b/c it does keep them looking new longer but I have found if you keep up with stain repellant treatments they are a lot easier to clean!
I must say, I really like this Pucci-esque print:

Did you design the print, or was it was a bolt of fabric you picked up?

In terms of what I like - I'd be more interested in shapes and sizes of bag that aren't the traditional tote - like the Rafe Keira I submitted for Viewer's Choice. If think you should come up with a unique design for a handbag that takes into mind practicality and style.
not I did not design the print. It is part of the summer collection from Michael Miller. I use a lot of their fabrics! They have some really great retro prints. I really like the retro look and some simple stuff also--that way one purse can go with a lot of different outfits! I have an arts and crafts show this weekend and after that plan on designing a "signature" style bag. The suggestions are coming great!! I have been rolling a few ideas aroung in my head I just have to sit down and figure out how to get them together!! Keep the "dreams" coming! This is turning out great!
If you do want to stick with the traditional tote - I recommend putting some pockets on the outside. I prefer a tote with that, because then it is easier to store and find small things. A pocket on the outside can be a quite charming with the right embellishments, and you won't have to alter your original design too much.

I also think it's really great that you are following your dream. Best of luck with the craft fair!
I love the pocket idea! Megs thanks to your suggestion I am in the process of finding material for a new bag! A squarish boxy tote in creamy vanilla suede/ultrasuede with a dark chocolate suede pocket on the front and handles maybe a stripe lining in burgandy, sage and cream.....sounds yummy!!
cabco said:
I love the pocket idea! Megs thanks to your suggestion I am in the process of finding material for a new bag! A squarish boxy tote in creamy vanilla suede/ultrasuede with a dark chocolate suede pocket on the front and handles maybe a stripe lining in burgandy, sage and cream.....sounds yummy!!

YESSSS!!!! That is it!!! !!!! :nuts: And like Chemlex said, maybe some pockets, or something a little out of the ordinary. Afterall, the only thing that makes a bag truly noticeable is something different and inventive!
Ok that sounds divine!! I checked out your website--love the fabrics and though I'm a fan of a simple tote, I'd also say add a pocket or something--let your creative juices do the talking. I love the idea of the new shape though, and that combined with the textured fabrics is yummy! Love the color combo too :smile: I'll get on your waiting list for that one :smile: Knowing the designer has to make the list shorter than waiting for a Birkin or Paddington eh? ;)
I thought I would add some of my favorite features in bags I carry

1) A long chain attached to the bag that you can hook your keys to.
2) Magnetic closures (I can't live without these, it keeps my bag closed, and my stuff in!)
3) Metal Feet on the Bottom of the bag (most women prefer this because it keeps the bottom of the bag from getting dirty)

One of major pet peeves of bags is if they don't keep their shape and they flop around like a potato sack. Because of that, I really love frame bags.
Maybe a durable supple leather bag, platinum gold hardware (including zippers), subtle diamond studs here & there (but not too much). Interior pockets for my cosmetics & cell phone. Maybe...JADE colored! :smile:

Dream dream dream. :smile:
you guys are great! All of my purses do have interior pockets, they do have magnetic snaps, and they do keep their shape and will stand on their own. i have also toyed iwth the idea of adding a snap hook thing on the inside to hook keys to..i hate digging for my keys--I actually have one on my personal purse--luv it!! I am still searching for the right fabric--harder to find than i thought--lol--but i am not giving up! i will keep you guys in the know! thanks for all the suggestions--probably will try to get some other colors of suede as it is supposed to be real popular this fall!
ok ladies !!!! got it ordered today should be here by the end of next week! and I have got some great ideas swimmin' around. I will post ya'll a pic as soon as I get it done--before I put any on sale anywhere else-just in case any of you want one first--since you all gave me such great ideas! It will be boxy, tote size, 3 interior pockets, magnetic snap, cream suede with a funky odd shaped pocket in coffee suede on the front, the handle is gonna be a patchwork of the 2 suedes!!! can't wait!!