If you could what would have made for you Special Order?

  1. I ask this simply because, I wanted something reasonably abstract made for me by our favourite label today. I asked for a Damier Chess/Draughts set, in which they politely responded in describing how much of a raving lunatic I am...:shocked:
    Anywho, If money was no object, what would y'all have made Special Order for you?
    Let your imaginations run wild people!!!!:P
  2. I'd like a set of upright steamer trunks made, in a variety of colours of epi or in classic monogram, a few with drawers and a few that are just for hanging clothes. I'd like these to be upright so I could put these into a closet and use them for storage of clothes, shoes and bags rather than the closet itself (it just showcases the trunks !). Not too creative I suppose.
  3. i'd like a Suhali Speedy, Trouvile and Papillon. it's weird, but i absolutely :heart: the goatskin, and i'd love to have a black Speedy, black or white Trouville, and a geranium Papillon with the S-lock closure (i'll let LV figure that out somehow :lol:!), but minus all the gold studs if possible.

    i'd also like a black Taiga Musette Salsa with my initials heatstamped on the inside of the flap. sometimes i take my boyfriend's Taiga Viktor out of the closet and just hold it and stare at it, because i love the leather so much :shame:. and if i had the Musette Salsa in Taiga leather it would be so durable, because i love messenger bags, and i use them for school and when i go to my on-campus job in the dorm dining hall.

    I'M BUILDING MY CASTLES IN THE AIR HERE. but i'll post more when i can think of them :roflmfao:!
  4. Rose Vernis Speedy...like the one made specially for Japan.
    And a bag in that nice glossy mono the Gina Boots are made of.
  5. Suhali Speedy in PLUM, Damier Wapity, Vernis Wapity in Framboise, Epi Wapity in Mandarin. I would buy a Wapity in anything they would care to make it in for me -- that's how much I love that case.
  6. ooh yes a Perle Vernis baby Bedford, to match my Perle Bedford :yes::yes:! my Damier Papillon came with its baby pouch, so i'll have one for my Bedford too!
  7. vernis keepall and a damier cabas mezzo
  8. I'd like a regular Multicolore Speedy 25 =)
  9. OMG!!! You must have read my mind!!! ME TOO!!!
  10. Fuchsia Vernis Speedy 25
  11. same here

    and a cerise speedy 30
  12. Speedy Monogram mat , any colors
  13. I'd have a Vavin, Lodge, and Manhattan with Martian, Panda and Onionhead on them... Vavin, Monogram; Lodge Multicolor white; and Manhattan, Monogram; with the Murakami Japanese characters...

    So cool. I found a Vavin with Panda on it for $1100, but I haven't bought it... ugh.... yet...
  14. me too :rochard:!!!

    it's such a shame that the 30 looks so silly on me, and that it's not available in the 25 :sad:.

    i thought of that before too :yes:! i'd like one in the Noir, like my Shelton and Medium Agenda.
  15. Gosh I've changed my mind so many times, I'll just list them all: Vachetta Robusto 3 w/ bright blue (or red) cross grain leather interior, Vachetta Keepall w/ raspberry alcantara interior, Ostrich Keepall w/ brown calf interior, and maybe a yellow alligator iPod case. One day... lol :smile: