If you could what age would you like to be again?

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  1. I would go back to when I was 15-18. They were the most fun days of my life so far! My cousin and I were best friends during that time and we had sooooo much fun together! We were crazy girls and we nearly gave our parents a heart attack, but I wouldn't change a thing!

    I miss the days of no real responsibility and having such a carefree & innocent outlook. Ahhhh, reality check.
  2. I had turbulent teen/early 20's years, so I wish I could go back to about 20 and do a lot of things differently. I've never had an age where I was just blissfully happy and am eager to go back to, though.
  3. I would want to be 14-16. I really enjoyed being "carefree" and still young enough to be my daddy's girl.
  4. 15-18, I loved high school!!
  5. 21-22 - I loved college!!
  6. 15!
  7. 17 (im only 20 now but alot has changed in that 3 years and at 17 I believed My life was perfect!)
  8. I would love to be "little" again - like 7-8 years old, just because you don't have a care in the world!

    I would also love to go back to college age - I had a blast then!
  9. 15...to fix all my high school mistakes that made me graduate 2 years late.

    i was so bad, not caring about the world at 15...if only i could go back and cherish everything better.
  10. This is year has been really good to me and I have more than ever on some very important levels ---so I'd stay 28!
  11. Sweet 16:yes:
  12. I would go back to when I was 18. I was expected to do Medicine at uni. like my dad. He was a dr and so were most of my uncles and aunties and my cousins as well. As I was from a family of doctors and was bright enough, it was automatically assumed that I would also do Medicine. I was told that I would break my dad's heart if Ididn't. At 18, I didn't have the guts to say no and I am now a doctor but hate my job! I would go back to that age and stand up for myself. I would then have done languages ( which is what I love0 and then been an interpreter at the United Nations, hopefully.
  13. ditto!
  14. I'm almost 37 now.... I would either like to be really little like 6-7 years or 28 :smile:
  15. I'm actually quite happy at my current age (39!) since I'm feeling well grounded, content, settled, and doing well in my career. However, my body is not cooperating as I would like -- so I would prefer the body that I had at 26, which was incredibly fit, healthy, and arthritis-free.