If you could swap your Chanel bag for another Chanel, which would it be?

  1. I have a Denim Cabas that I have not used yet, but if I could find a black PNY pleated pouch I think I would swap it, yeah yeah yeah even though it would mean I have another black bag!

    What would you swap?
  2. I'm really feeling the metallic reissues right now. :yes: Or the Chanel Lady Braid Satchel.
  3. Purple caviar medium classic flap!
  4. red classic flap with new chain from SS07. PLEAAAASEEE!!!!!
  5. Hmmm... that's tough, because I love all my bags (especially all of my flaps, which ain't goin nowhere haha), so it wouldn't be any of my flaps being swapped out for sure! I'd swap my brown/brown patent mini reporter for my HG violet caviar E/W (or more realistically, a brown Medallion or Cerf tote) and I'd probably swap my bronze CC tote for the dark gold PNY expandable flap!! :heart: :heart:
  6. I would switch one of my 227 reissues for another 228
  7. DITTO:yes::love:
  8. red classic flap
  9. the sharpei tote :sweatdrop:
  10. I adore my black reissue now too much to swap her, but if I absolutely had to, then it would be the dark gold reissue from 2006, also in size 226. :heart:
  11. I know this is off topic but had to say DuRoBags your Russian Blue is gorgeous:love: My kitten is also one (you can see him in my avatar :heart: )
  12. I would swap almost any of my Chanel bags for the gorgeous Red Caviar Jumbo Classic Flap with New Chain. Still pining for this bag. :heart:

  13. navy patent jumbo yummy yummy!

  14. i'd swap my gold luxe ligne flap for a black one. i just don't wear it a lot.
  15. I would swap my black charms evening bag for a cambon tote or a timeless clutch as I dont use it that much.
    Its a beautiful bag though!