If you could start a charity . . .

  1. You're a rich philanthropist. You want to start a charity for a cause that's really important to you. What would you call it? Who would it help? (Bonus: Who would be your celebrity spokesperson?)

    Mine would be called Loving Homes.

    It would place teenagers who were kicked out of their homes after coming out to their parents. I find it incredibly sad that there's a high suicide among gay teens.

    My celebrity spokesperson would either be Elton John or Ellen DeGeneres.
  2. I would start a Communications Training Program for people that can't hold jobs. Teach them how to find a job, interview for it, and keep it. I'd focus on the importance of learning how to communicate as a means of accomplishing the above.

    Celeb - mmm, that's hard...

    Teri Hatcher! I just saw her on inside the actor's studio and she truly impressed me as an articulate bright woman, as opposed to her normal ditzy character roles.

  3. Mine would be for abused woman....not sure what I would call it. But I would like to help woman that are abused by their husbands...

    Actually I dont have a specific charity but I donate clothes and time to help woman in these situations...I help with makeovers, and coaching them to get into the work force....its so sad...some of these woman have completely lost their self esteem...It really hurts me....
  4. I'd love to do anything for abused children/teens..maybe I'd make really nice homes all over for them to stay at while they wait to be adopted or even to live in case their not

    I know they have places like this already but I don't think there so nice.

    If i had lots of money I'd make my own, beautiful places for them with the only the best in care for them, to be able to heal and grow up and thrive

    celeb spokesperson...i don't know....

    sekmeht..do you work with StepUp? I have volunteered with them and those are the kinds of things we did

    caitlin that is such a great idea. My neighbor killed himself bc he was gay and couldn't come out..he was only 16
  5. what a great thread. I always thought if I was a Bill Gates multi billionaire, I would just go around incognito. you know, just wherever there was a random need, I would meet it.
    a person broke down on the highway with a crappy car? take him to a car lot, buy a new one.
    I would open the largest abandoned animal sanctuary I could. Wherever I could.
    there are too many needs out there to pick just one.
  6. Ooh, I think about this all the time...sounds silly I know, but part of my if I won the lottery fantasy....

    Kids, afterschool, sports, leadership training thing....or

    Random acts of kindness, pay it forward type of thing.
  7. Mine would be an all-breed dog rescue with an emphasis on Chihuahuas/small dogs.

    I would go around and rescue dogs who were about to be put to sleep at the pound as well as accept rescues and drop offs (owners are moving, etc).

    My celebrity spokespeople would be Pamela Anderson (huge animal rights activist) and Shannon Elizabeth (ditto!) along with maybe Adrian Brody.

    I would call it the Carmen Foundation, after my first Chihuahua:smile: She is the one in my avatar and the one who made me fall in love with the breed!

    Not to be outdone, I would make a scholarship available to teens who demonstrate a huge affection towards animals and it would be named the Bentley Scholarship after my other chi:smile:
  8. mine would be targetted for kidz deprived from education as well as children being used as labour in some 3rd world countries ..

    Kristin Kreuk would be my spokesperson :smile:
  9. Mine would be for animals like penguins. Slippery Love or something.
  10. Hehehe, my mind went straight to the gutter with that name! I bet you'd get some interesting phone calls with that name!:lol:
  11. I'd open a strictly no-kill animal shelter and call it Irene's Animal Friends (after my late sis). Celebrity spokesperson: Richard Dean Anderson :smile:
  12. We need to talk! I've had a similar dream/plan for a dog sanctuary for my "If I win the lottery" money, except I would take any dog, particularly those that our animal control now kills at the rate of 7,000+ per year. :cursing:

    I have it all planned out in my head: how much property I'd need, how much to fence so the dogs could run free and be safe, how many workers to keep it going, the number of veterinarians I'd keep on retainer, etc. Those are just a few highlights.

    Can you tell I've thought this out for a long time? :love:
  13. I'd also open a large animal sanctuary, or many different ones with different animals in need, elephants, Apes, whatever. As well as shelters for abused and neglected animals such as dogs, cats..you name it. I would then work on preservation of their natural habitat, rainforest being clearcut, poachers, clean water...

    I have no idea what the name would be, maybe i'll steal Couturegirls idea of naming it after my Chi lol - which is Maya, and i believe that means mother, so it makes sense! So the Maya foundation. hah *nods

    Celebrity would beeee...I dunno, someone who cares about this stuff.
  14. Anything animal related.
  15. Mine would be animal related. Or living sustainably/environmentally related. I don't know what specifically. There are so many already established organization that just don't get the funding they need so sometimes I feel like there are so many organizations scattered around doing the same things and if they'd just combine it might have a bigger impact so maybe I'd just make a massive endowment to an already existing organization to work toward a particular cause.

    I don't know who my spokesperson would be though.