If You Could Spend 30 Seconds Alone With Michael Jackson, What Would You Say Or Do ?

  1. Jackson to charge fans for 30 seconds

    Monday, January 29 2007, 09:20 GMT

    By David Cribb [​IMG]

    Michael Jackson is going to charge his fans £1,700 ($3,400, roughly) each to spend 30 seconds with him in Japan.

    The singer is allegedly suffering debts of £170million, and has come up with the novel way to increase his income.

    Jackson will travel to Tokyo in February to attend the "fan appreciation events", where he is set to charge 30 lucky fans for the privilege of his company.

    Despite his debts, the singer was recently pictured shopping in Las Vegas, reportedly spending thousands of pounds on "impulse buys".
  2. You'd have to pay ME to spend 30 seconds with that creep. And a lot more than $3K!!!!
  3. i like to listen to his music, but I will cry to look at his face in person.
  4. Poor guy!

    I think he's a musical genius: "Smooth Criminal" is one of my favorite songs, along with "Scream," "Heal the World" and "Black or White." . . . Basically all the songs on his HIStory, Volume One album.

    Lets stick to the topic:
  5. lol! That's sad, but hey, he needs the money and people will pay.
  7. I think he's a freak..I couldn't even look at him to ask him anything..It's so unfortunate b/c as far as music goes he has so much talent..I'll never understand him or his surgeries to alter his appearance..He must have really low esteem..and that is a shame and very very sad.....:heart: Emmy
  8. If I had 30 seconds in a room with MJ, I'd spend it trying to get out.
  9. He looks better before his numerous plastic surgery. I'd ask him what triggered him to do plastic surgery.

    Coz he looks like a monster now. He kinda gives me shivers when I see him on tv. Scary face!!
  10. I'd spend the 30 seconds running away!
  11. lol wow. what kind of debt did he get himself into?

    hmm, if i had 30 secs with him ( which if it was FREE. I wouldnt pay for that!!) I would ask him for his autograph, and to take a lovely pic with him. Thats all that is possible to be done within 30 seconds dont cha think?
  12. If I HAD to spend time with that guy I would ask for his autograph and sell it on e-bay.
  14. Cal, you are to funny !
  15. Nothing to say but 30 seconds of :wtf: ...