If you could special order something, what would it be?

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  1. Earlier in a different post, another member mentioned LV having the ability to special order a current piece in a different canvas. This made me think, if I could, what would I order?

    My two pieces would be
    1. Horizon 55 in Monogram Macassar with black natural cowhide leather trim and burgundy interior and silver hardware.

    2. District MM in Monogram Macassar. Same silhouette as the Monogram Eclipse with burgundy interior and silver hardware.

    What would you special order if you had the option?
  2. I’m that member haha. LV did make the District MM with burgundy interior before.... but it’s gone now :sad:. I thought I would reply to this to hopefully get the ball rolling. I chose the

    1. DE Mick PM with silver hardware and burgundy interior.

    But would also like

    2. DE Keepall 45 with silver hardware and burgundy interior

    3. DE Danube with SH and a turquoise interior

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  3. Palk Backpack with Epi or Taurillon Leather with burgundy microfiber lining. Instead of a buckle opening its metal button snap closure.

    6 Key Holder in Mahina leather! [emoji7]
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  4. Speedy 30 in monogram eclipse!
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  5. I would love a multi colored cosmetic GM and a monogram Melie with black leather straps.
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  6. My World Tour Neverfull in GM size.
  7. Such a good question - nothing extravagant, either the Favorite MM, Cluny MM, or Twice (discontinued) in the reverse monogram print would be amazing. I’d also love a classic SLG in the reverse monogram (not XL print) like the cles or PA. Can’t wait to hear everyone else’s SO requests!
  8. PSM backpack or neverfull in monogram eclipse or blue monogram from the menswear line.
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  9. Speedy monogram eclipse or gray empreinte speedy 20
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  10. Great responses everybody! In seeing a lot of monogram eclipse requests for women’s pieces. Maybe LV will take notice!!
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  11. Palm Springs Mini or MM in Epi coquelicot! I would go crazy over that!
  12. Palm Springs Mini in either Empreinte or new wave leather would be awesome [emoji177] or Boite chapeau souple in Empreinte
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  13. Alma PM, Epi leather, Hermès color Rouge h

    ETA: GHW
  14. We can only hope LOL there was a similar thread a few years back and I’d just purchased my Mono PM and had said an empreinte version would be great (not that it had anything to do with them making one) but it was ironic that it was something they were working on so some of these ideas might not be so far fetched [emoji6]

    On that note, more empreinte crossbodys/SLGs in colours like light grey, charcoal, taupe, as well as rich jewel tones like navy, burgundy, forest green, ochre, and burnt orange - a girl can dream!
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  15. Speedy b 25 damier azur with a dark blue leather trim. I saw someone posted a DIY custom version ages ago. I thought it looked really nice.
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