If you could special order ANY LV...

  1. (and someone else was paying, lol)...

    what would you get?

    I'm thinking a Manhattan PM in either Damier Canvas or Framboise Vernis. Yummy!:love:
  2. Black suhali luggage!:love:
  3. Pale blue Ostrich Keepall 50!
  4. i would love a speedy 30 in purple vernis!! :smile:
  5. Fuchsia Boite Flacons.
  6. A Mocha EPI (in Goat leather) Bisten 50 with matching Crocodile trims...hmmmm..
  7. Trouville in Epi or Suhali leather
    Speedy 30 in Suhali leather
    Popincourt Haut in Monogram Mat or Vernis

    Damn that's a lot!
  8. Damier Mini HL!
  9. :huh::huh:oh...nice.

    i'd probably want the same thing but a 25 in pink.
  10. multicolor cabas piano

    red cherry blossom speedy
  11. Hmm... that would be cute! :love:
  12. I would order the dog carrier, but 25" long so my kitty could fit. But I think that falls under custom order because it would be changing the design of the bag.
  13. A Myrtille or Black Epi Trouville :nuts:
  14. Speedy35 in Vernis ..... framboise or fuschia
  15. the retro bag in damier.